Cap Sante to Quebec City – Day 70 67 km

I was woken to a boat going up the St Lawrence and sounding it’s Fog horn  I looked out to see fog  but still warm. The time I got dressed packed up and had breakfast the fog had cleared a bit and didn’t cause any problems. In a hour it had burned off leaving a very warm day with bright sunshine. Thank goodness there was a breeze but it was very warm.

First thing as I cycled along.

I love this out side a supermarket your trolley, becomes  a chariot here I must remember that when going up and down the aisles should I put spikes on my chariot like Ben Hur!!!!!

I saw the old guy who stopped to offer assistance when I had my puncture yesterday he was out for his daily cycle and waved  at me as I passed going the other way.

Not to far. But after I took the coastal  route it added on the km but it was a nice ride if not a little hilly as I approached. Quebec City I believe that’s what it will be like when I continue on Thursday. Well I knew the flat couldn’t last for ever.

Looking out on the seaway as I continued towards Quebec.

It’s getting nearer

The promenade I cycled along to get to the old port it was lovely  with people out sitting  and cyclist  and runners and walkers all out and about.

Even lunch time exercise classes being completed

People just chilling in the area

The pathway I followed

Art work along the front

Just a few photos as I walked about looking for somewhere to eat. Will explore more tomorrow. I know the middle picture is St Johns Gate the bottom looked a nice restaurant for expensive people not for the likes of me staying in a hostel. 

As it happens my bunk was bottom one but got the top bunk as some whipper snapper as stolen my allocated space. This could be fun tonight as the hostel is selling Weiss beer from Belgium which is going down nicely on a warm summers night and I haven’t met my fellow roomies that will teach them. I’ll move down to the bottom when they leave tomorrow. Carrying my bags up 2 flights was bad when I arrived as I was so hot but felt better after a shower  speaking to Pete then out for a Billy no mates meal which I don’t mind meal was nice and I even had chocolate  cake  for pudding which was heavenly( look I didn’t eat lunch) and no Timmys today what do you want me to starve.

Now my friend  Amy made her final destination to day  at Newfoundland having started at Victoria BC long before me so a big well done Amy a achievement well deserved so I raise my glass to you my friend  oh it’s empty I’ll have to hit the bar again what am I like. Wish I was there to celebrate in person. 

The host has a mixed bunch even people my own age and a bar man who likes Dire Straits so not that bad.


3 thoughts on “Cap Sante to Quebec City – Day 70 67 km

    • Just staying in the cheap beds for a night or to and meeting like minded peeps. Quebec is stunning and worth a visit but dare I say it could someone turn the heat down.

      Heading up river towards Rivière du loop to you and I wolf river and see if I can get a whale watching trip up there if possible

      Take care Liz

      On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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