Trois Rivieres  to Cap Sante – Day 69 – 69 km

What can I say about  last nights motel except it was nice to leave enough said. Today the weather started cloudy but humid and hot and by lunch time I had to find a table in the shade at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade. I was so hot. Also because of not getting enough sleep last night  I fell asleep resting my head on the table and felt better. 

The little towns today were no exception very pretty and some lovely old churches.

Almost felt like it was going to thunder but it didn’t first thing before the sun came out very quickly.

A lot of the churches look very similar round here and they like the double turret but very imposing.


Very pretty village down by the St Lawrence even went down to their jetty and the  church above and historical house was part of the village.

Watched the locals launch their boat to go fishing down at the small harbour of Champlain.

I knew I wasn’t going to go to far today as I’m not booked into the Quebec hostel till tomorrow so was just staging to my location tonight but with the help of Pete last night managed to find a nice motel which is reasonable and best of all clean!!!!!

One of the big boats going by earlier today

Also crossing a bridge which told cyclists to dismount and walk which was a tight squeeze with panniers on, only to watch the French women h ignoring that and cycling across but I was committed and couldn’t turn round so lesson learnt (when in Rome).

A tight fit 

Also lots of fruit stands at the side of the road I went passed but unable to carry strawberries or raspberries

The bridge coming into Saint Anne for a lunch time break under the bridge are again a double frontage church


And another 

By early afternoon the sun was fully out and it was like cycling through a open oven door at 200. It was then I noticed black Betty was not handling well I looked down to find rear tyre almost flat so I stopped to pump it up  but it wouldn’t stay up. Sod’s law only 10 km from my motel and now the sky’s were turning dark blue with rumbles of thunder. Well the Grand Prix guys would have been impressed at how quick I took panniers off changed the inner tube and I was off. I pulled in hot sticky and even dripping sweat on the Tarmac outside the motel. Again no rain  but as I sit and write this it’s raining with thunder so glad I’m not camping also puncture repaired only a tiny hole I’ve checked the inner tyre and couldn’t find anything but something is causing these punctures.



One thought on “Trois Rivieres  to Cap Sante – Day 69 – 69 km

  1. Hello Liz

    This is Liz living in Boston but from Dublin, great chatting with you and enjoying your blog. Glad you made it safe and sound to a ncie clean hotel, hope your find out what is causing your tires to puncture. All the best and look forward to reading your blogs.

    Liz Malone


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