Lanoraie to Trois Rivieres – Day 68 – 86 km

I got up late and it must have rained last night but I didn’t hear it. Although very cloudy it was still hot outside so I packed up and hit the road. I was expecting it to thunder or rain today but it didn’t instead it turned warm and at about midday the sun shone through making it very warm indeed.

I decided today to follow the route verte5 and go off and also see  Chemin Du Roy  in occasion places. It appears back in 1737 that the French government wished a road built to connect all the little settlements along the way. It is known in English as the Kings route and at one time the longest road known.

As I journeyed along the route the area is very green and mostly farm land with small villages and towns dotted along the way. The area is also quite flat and although I saw cows, they seem to like growing corn in the cob with fields and bins of the stuff

 Corn stored

The boats first thing on the St Lawrence

As you can see some of these towns have been here some time 

The village square as I passed through just after 9am although surprisingly the bar was open with lots of people in it?

This one was for sale tempting but no!

The town hall at St Barthélemy

Although a small town quite an impressive building

I would have liked to explore this place but how to carry anything on blackbetty and get it home

 The bridge and weir at Maskinonge

As I made my way to Trois  the road works started thank goodness it was Sunday and that my motel tonight is on the other side of Trois as I wouldn’t like to hit that in rush hour.

 Looking out to St Laurent 

Going across the, bridges to Trois Rivieres. Today was lovely day for cycling and as they say I was in the zone and loving every moment of my trip but I’m sure there maybe a sting in the tale of my journey somewhere coming up but till then I’ll enjoy these moments. At the end of the day I treated my self  to a beer with my cobbled together meal of chicken and salad and now feel quite light headed. If only I had another dam.

My only gripe of the day is what’s happened to my frosted ice bun in Timmys they never have them here in Quebec shame sort it Timmys please. To add insult to injury Amy my friend treated herself to one whilst waiting on her ferry to Newfoundland  and sent me a picture not on!!!  Well done Amy only 16 hours on the ferry then 130 km to go to St Johns and home to Victoria BC on Saturday. A big well done across Canada 


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