Montreal to Near  Lanoraie Day 67 – 104 km

As you can see I’m between  the above and  Bethierville in a motel over looking the St Lawrence. I was up early and had breakfast with Gavin and Elisa before we started out just after 8 am. Gavin had kindly offered to get me through Montreal which was brilliant. I know it has route verte but when we heading towards the Old Port we kept crossing the canal going left and right just as well as I would have had to stop and start. There was loads of people out cycling,jogging,walking ,yoga proving people do take care of themselves in all sorts of sports on and off the water very impressive.

They have a bike path separate from walkers and joggers so well thought out.

Some of the factories along the water front converted to loft living and apartments looked really nice on a beautiful morning for cycling. Gavin got me to Jaques Cartier Bridge then told me to follow route 5 and surprisingly no problems at all. 

I stopped for another cup of tea at Timmys and bumped into a American couple from Boston up also touring the area but no panniers as they  stay in local motel then ride out. They asked all about my trip and Liz  the lady actually comes from Dublin but lives in Boston for the last 25 yrs  she  was lovely so we said our goodbyes and I was off again.

I see what you mean Gavin not the prettiest route out a lot of dock area but I continued onto the bridge just before lunch.

The bridge that took me off the Island of Montreal. I was then stopped by 2 Canadian guys passing who also were crossing Canada but they only started in June but they did admit to very long days riding not for me over 200 km a day they also can confirm Amy that hwy 17 to Sudbury was the worse they have ever been on. They sped off hoping to reach home 2nd week in August in St John Newfoundland. I on the other hand went at a more sedate pace not wanting to arrive to early in Halifax. 

So along the road I went into pretty towns and villages plenty of places to stop and eat out here and typically French. As it warmed up yes very hot with the sun on me by early afternoon I needed to stop for refreshments so picked a road side cafe over looking the river that all the motor cyclists seemed to favour.

Sitting at my table yes wait for it ordered poutine it was ok but not sure I like the curds I know that may upset the locals but it’s just me.

For those in Britain it’s chips gravy and cheese curds yes curds not turds!!!!! But I’ve had it now may try again.

As I continued on in what was turning into a hot day was unable to find a motel until the 104 km so I dived in as I was hot sweaty and in need of a shower so here I sit another pleasant day cycling. Big thanks again goes to the Austin family who hosted me in Montreal see you all again in September.

I must confess my French isn’t all that good I know Chambre is room but I did earlier see this sign and went into a car park thinking it was a motel only to be confronted by elderly residents on the veranda of what I think was a old folks home  I beat a hasty retreat I’m to young I think for that. It did make me smile.

Onward I go towards Trois Rivieres tomorrow. 


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