Montreal still here Day 66

Yes still here having fun. Spent the day getting bike ready,shopping and then went along to Saint Anne Bellevue for the afternoon.

Whilst cycling along who should I meet coming into Montreal but Matheu from France that I met back in Hope at my first warm showers. He was heading into city to stay with his warm showers host and will be here till Sunday. It was nice seeing him again may see him again some time in the next few weeks he flys back from St. John on the 6 th Sept by then I will be on Hols with  Pete can’t wait. 

I sat this afternoon just watching the river go by and people watching  whilst eating my gelato two scoops pistachio and Nutella lovely if not a tad sickening but had to be done. Weather was nice after the rain cleared early this morning.

Had a lovely supper with Gavin and Elisa  and Charlotte out in the garden as it was quite warm but eventually had to move in as the bugs were out in force tonight.

Gavin had kindly offered to cycle with me a little of the way tomorrow at least to city so that will be nice. So once again guys that’s for a lovely stay you’ve been great.

 Views from the cafe

Views from Saint Anne

So hating to leave but refreshed and I’m coming back with Pete as we fly back from here so look forward to seeing Gavin  and Elisa again.


One thought on “Montreal still here Day 66

  1. Hi liz . What a fantastic time you are having .lm glad you are eating properly. I can’t get over how fri friendly the people are . We are really proud of you . Take care . Mo and Terry .


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