Montreal Day65 Rest Day looking around

My hosts Gavin and Elisa and their daughter Charlotte have been fantastic. Last night after a lovely meal we sat around chatting but I was dead on my feet last night and slept well and even had a lie in this morning. When Elisa and Charlotte came back from swimming  we all headed off into the city. They had kindly offered to show me around. We headed towards the city then parked and took the metro to near the race track. We then caught the bus to outside the Casino on the Ile Notre Dame just off the main Island. We were going for lunch at the casino but because of Charlotte age not allowed in. We walked round  part of the gardens and did the Grand Prix track you are allowed to cycle round which was great.
The casino very busy  and plenty of visitors going in to relieve themselves of their hard earn cash. Then onto the track.

Roller blades and walkers and cyclist on one side buses cars on the other side

Coming into the bend nice machine.

Then we were off for lunch in Old Montreal which is charming very French full of lots of super bistros and places to stop and stare and watch the local artists perform.

Our lunch stop

Charlottes sweet Elisa  and I had to help out and it was delicious

Then on to the square to watch a mad man juggle knives and standing on swords

He was very amusing. Then we walked the old part with shops and art galleries and other things to browse and see.

Very nice and colourful  but I didn’t try the poutine yet but will get around to it. It’s chips cheese curds and gravy and  other variations. Could be a heart attack waiting  but I’m sure it needs sampling.

The Formula1 shop  just for you Greg.

These sculptures are great so Charlotte stopped for a chatter.

Loft apartment living yes please

The Basilica 

Another funny art sculpture 

Montreals first high rise building of course now it’s dwarfed

On the way home Elisa was kind enough to drive out to her area of Verdun where she grew up and show me the Rapids at Lachine which were awesome 

They were just amazing and so easy to get right up close

On the way back to the car managed to get a photo before he flew off

All in all it was a wonderful day good company lovely food and a fantastic city thanks again to my hosts.


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