Saint Zotique to Montreal – Day 64 -47km

I got up later than normal as I knew today was going to be a short ride. After breakfast and a couple of cups of tea I finally packed up and was on the road after 0915am.

It was quite a nice day with a good tail wind and sunshine but not to hot or humid. I knew my direction were to follow the Soulanges Chanel where there is a lovely bike route. I found the route no problems and when I started to ride there is was busy with lots of cyclists going by calling out bonjour Madame so I got in on the act as well. Very friendly lot.  

First look at the Canal which is it used for any shipping but I did see the swimming club using it for open water swimming. 

Then I recorded the fact I have cycled 5,000 km so far  but  there abouts. As I stopped to take a photo a ice French guy stopped to enq if I was ok so I explained and told me well done but couldn’t get over I was by myself.

I love how all along the trail is picnic tables with bike stands next  to them,also the fact everyone was making use of them. As I entered the first island I went in for you usual and bumped into Paula and Dave  from yesterday who are also staying down town tonight they are American enroute to Cape Breton. So we sat and had a break together yes you’ve guest it at Timmys. 

My host Gavin’s instructions were spot on thanks Gavin. I was slightly early and sat in the garden till ELISA  and their daughter  Charlotte arrived home. I actually truth be known fell a sleep in the garden (it was hot  and to not much sleep last night)

My cycle in for the day coming onto the Island

I had a lovely meal with my hosts and tomorrow Elisa and Charlotte and I are going sight seeing down town. I’m going to be here till Saturday when Gavin will guide me out of town. So thanks guys for  helping see your city. Well must go and get some sleep as my eyes won’t stay open.


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