Morrisburg to Saint Zotique –  Day 63 – 97km Quebec Province

Bon soir peeps yes I’ve crossed finally into Quebec Province finally leaving Ontario it seems I’ve been  going across Ontario plus some of the states for ages.

Sunset last night from my bedroom window thanks to a lovely stay with Candy and Pete. I woke to rain then it cleared so off I went into quite a humid  day. I was motoring along then noticed the clouds getting darker and darker. I was 25 km out and thought I need some place to take shelter and then I saw a little porch near a sign explaining the route and tucked myself in and waited. At first I thought it was going to just pass over without anything happening lucky I stayed cos boy did it come down and then the thunder and lightning started as I sat down and read my book.

  A luck find just in time

Getting darker

Weird clouds then

But I was dry.

So I waited about 40 mins then even thou it was still raining I went  onwards and it was still very warm so I had to take my waterproof off as I was so hot then the rain stopped just before Cornwall thank goodness. The bike path was good and took me back down to the St Lawrence which was nice but I didnt find any place to stop for something to drink or eat.

The big boats coming up the St Lawrence

The dam at Cornwall which is quite impressive it provides power for both America and Canada power stations either side and caused villages to be relocated  down the area I have just traveled and is part of the St Lawrence seaway allowing the big ships up to Lake Ontario and Superior and the States .

The river certainly  has a strong current and you wouldn’t want to fall in.

Further on there is work under way re replacing the bridge at Cornwall to the USA  but they ran into problems last week when 2 tugs trying to put a crane in place one has sunk and the other is just above water. Luckily no one lost there life  in the accident but they are going to try and  recover them  but are worried re the fuel aboard the tug.

They are trying to put cables etc but I couldn’t stay long but whilst there a beaver ran across the path.

Part of the submerged tug the current is amazing

Where the old locks were.

More big boats coming through.

Buffalo in a field that I went passed where you could buy the meat. I then went on and as I was about to turn into the service rd towards Quebec province I saw my favourite Timmys so in I popped as it was now 2pm and I was parched. 

As I sat there  I was speaking to a couple of locals who stated there was a severe storm warning out. So I check my I pad and saw there was and the sky was turning a shade of dark blue again as the wind got up and so did the heat. I still had about 20 km to go but the lady offered to give me a ride to this location just into a new province so off I went. Thank god I took the ride cos it chucked it down as I was at the motel.

  The sky’s outside my motel before it chucked it down. I then hit the marche (Supermarkets) yes everything’s in French and everyone speaks it. Although the Chinese host at the motel had difficulty between French English and his own language but we got there in the end.
I also met 2 school teachers also cycling up from North Carolina going to Cape Breton but need to be back in the states by mid August. I left them in Timmys looking for a grocery shop then unsure where they were staying hopefully they didn’t get caught in the storm. So tomorrow Montreal with directions from my warmshowers host how to get there thanks Gavin see you tomorrow.


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