Kingston to Brockville via Howe Island Day61 – 95km

Well I set of after having a lovely breakfast with my hosts Mary Jane and Rob. Rob infact was also leaving on a trip but this time on his BMW heading to USA Lake Placid. Going my way for a bit then crossing on the bridge down the rd into USA. To say today was going to be warm was a understatement. Humidity was sitting at 90% and boy was it hot and sticky but the breeze helped a little especially down by the water.

I’m now heading up the pathway by the St Lawrence river called the 1000 island  pathway and I even have my own cycle lane marked out.  

Leaving Lake Ontario and going over the bridge at Kingston to follow the St Lawrence up to Montreal.

As I had been told by my host it was nice to ride on Howe Island so never one to pass up on a couple of ferry rides I was off down to catch my first ferry onto the island. There was one other car myself and the ferry man they asked about my trip etc so it was a good start to the day.

Crossing over short but sweet to busy talking to get more pics sorry folks

It’s a lovely little island with nice houses and nice views of the water way on the south side of the island. As I was cycling round a chap called Kim Nossal was out gardening and said your the lady cycling across the country you see news travels fast in small places he took the next photo and kindly sent it to me thanks Kim for your thoughtfulness.

Very hot and sticky by then and only half way round.

As I reach the other end to catch the ferry off it was the ferrymans 

mbreak so I sat and had my sandwich kindly made by Mary Jane  chicken salad on Rye lovely and watched the boats go by and look at the house next to the ferry.

The view across

I was then off and found the new cycle path all the way to my finally location

Not today thanks

The houses on various islands along the way I believe round here you definitely need a boat. Today also I saw more cyclist than I have all my time in Canada I was always greeted with thumbs up or a hello all day.

This one is rather posh it even had a bridge over

Then the next door neighbours are moonlighting again yes you Debbie and Derek even got a bay of your own now. I thought you’d retired Derek but a nice spot.


Then into Brockville. When someone stopped me to say there was a severe storm warning  out and the wind had got up  although still sunny so I pulled in at the only motel I could find as it was getting late and didn’t fancy being caught in a thunderstorm. 

You will be please to know it’s still hot and no thunderstorm as yet.

So tomorrow making my further up towards Montreal and a new Province Quebec


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