Brockville to Morrisburg  Day 62 – 60km

Well no thunderstorms appeared last night but was told they had some heavy showers further up and in from the river. Today is a welcomed cooler but still warm but with a breeze and not so sticky. I went back into town this morning and had a better look at the marina area. Believe the tall ships use to stop here. It was also the first place to build a railway tunnel in Canada strange but true fact.

Looking out from Brockville Marina

Just to prove I don’t make up things

I then cycled out of town stopping if there was something of interest to view and of course to watch the boats go up and down the St Lawrence river. Nice cycling although the hard shoulder is lost sometimes but not to bad and not to busy.

Does exactly what it says on the tin inside as I looked through as it was locked it had pews and a lovely glass window all nicely kept.

As I pulled into Prescott this morning for a break I sat outside  with my tea and who should whiz passed but Will so I shouted and he came back and we chatted. It’ seemed ages  since we first met and then camped at Maple Creek. He is now supporting a very bushy ginger beard and looking wildly  unkempt but he had been is usaul wild camping near the park in downtown Brockville last night and had a swim in the St Lawrence which he said wasn’t to clean compared to Lake Superior. He has been in Toronto partying for 8days oh to be able to do that and not feel rough the next day!!! I asked how the bike was holding up he stated fine but he had extra to carry now in the form of a Ukelele every cyclist needs one!!!! He’s a great guy his mum and dad will get a surprise at the end of this month as they still think he’s in Fiji! He shot off as he does as he was on a mission to get to Cornwall then Montreal on Tuesday happy cycling we said our goodbyes but lovely to catch up oh and I love his encounter with the bear coming to see him whilst he was in his tent scary I would have done more than cleared my throat and rustle my sleeping bag..
Another bridge to the USA.

Some of areas I passed through today

Perfectly nice house but look closer there is a moose in the garden painted blue beats  gnomes I suppose?

There you are quite a large beast.

Confirmed the scots are everywhere I saw the flag.

Just so nice to cycle through.

Tonight I’m using Airbnb for the first time and staying in Morrisburg with a lovely couple called Candy and Peter its B&B with a twist site gives you lots of options Mary Janr told me about it. The over looks the St Lawrence and I opted for a lovely meal outside but now the wind has gotten up maybe a chance of rain and thunder showers expected tomorrow lets hope it’s only tonight touch wood.

From my bedroom window the nice location is just off the waterfront trail so a bonus. So tomorrow how far I get will depend on the weather but I’m going to my warmshowers host on Wednesday.  Will I get to Cornwall or hopefully further on so less of a journey into Montreal on Wednesday as I’m sure I’ll have to allow time to get lost.


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