Picton,Prince Edward to Kingston – Day 59 60km

Today I got up and saw that the wind had got up over night also there was a possibility that it might rain this afternoon, rain I don’t do rain!

I was packed up and on the road by 8am. Making my way towards the Glenora ferry yes nothing like starting the day with a ferry ride. As I made my way there I passed the smallest  bakery  but was feeling to great so didn’t stop but kinda cute.

I think also it was self service. The ferry was about 3 km from the motel and as I arrived on the slip way they were just boarding so nice timing and guess what it was free yes free!

Stiff cross wind

The road I’m taking to ferry and there after.

Just leaving on the ferry. 

View looking back from the ferry wonder who lives up there

Still in Ontario but in a couple of days crossing into Quebec another Province


Passing Amherst Island  

And the gap the ship made good it’s escape. It appears the area I’m travelling is called the loyalist trail and at the time Toronto was called York and Brockville called Elizabethtown and Kinston although was French original was now in hands of the Brits. So after American Revolution  people still loyal was repatriated from American to along this coast line. Hope this hasn’t bored to many of you but quite the history tour round here.

Plenty of these markers today all interesting.

Then it was onto Bath and  finally breakfast 2 at a lovely cafe called Rosas which was fantastic. Bath its self is quite quaint and I liked it sitting on Lake Ontario.

Note plenty of union jackets hanging on the poles here.

I met a lovely couple who stopped and asked me about my trip and they were up at their house on Amherst island I did think of popping across but needed to press on as still no rain but getting hot and sticky so needed to out run the rain. But took picture of old house 

Historic house over looking had lake

Rosas in the background after breakfast

Well worth a stop

Ah a long ways from home

I arrived at my hosts early afternoon and was welcomed by Rob and Mary Ann  who have just come back from there own tour from there place to Halifax going through American so they have good info staying till Sunday morning so I can go down town and see old parts of Kingston  and various other bits.

For those of you with figures I have now completed 4747 km or 2,949 miles and think I have another 2,000 km still to do. 

Well almost fast a sleep typing this good night folks that’s all


One thought on “Picton,Prince Edward to Kingston – Day 59 60km

  1. Hi Liz what a interesting part of your journey. I do love all the historical plaques, I just love history, my favourite subject at school, that was many moons ago. Lol I do like all the quaint towns you are going through. Well the family are home from holiday and we are going for tea on Sunday. We will all watch the final of the British Golf Open it’s at St Andrews. Love you


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