Kingston Rd -day 60

Well it’s such a nice area I thought I’d take a day sight seeing. So it rained heavily last night whilst I was safely tucked up in a lovely comfortable bed at my hosts house. This morning although warm I headed off into town with my jacket secured to my rack expecting showers. 

As is the way wall to wall  sunshine appeared and very hot and guess who forgot her sun cream so I’m slightly on the reddy brown side tonight. Where to start the place is fantastic plenty of history bars eateries to sit and people watch and a lovely farmers market in the  downtown area it was going to be a good day.

First you have to ride passed the state prison which is not in use now but dates back to 1800s. Mary Jane doesn’t know what they are going to do with the building which are all in limestone quite impressive, shame to pull it down.

Then  I rode down on the Cycle  paths towards the town area and the farmers market. The path way takes you down the side of the lake and passed the many boats moored up some small but some very expensive looking.
Everyone is always out of the water in some mode of transport.

This one sounded very noisy as it came into dock


This is a guy called Sir John Alexander Macdonald born in Scotland originally but became 1st prime minster of canada and lived all his life in Canada.

A loyalist to the end. He spent most of his life in this area

These towers are dotted all over as defences similar to our Martello towers these were built for defences all over the British Emprire.

 Farmers market down town with buskers and places to sit and eat and drink and watch the time go by.
The band playing in the background

This is down by the docks  looks pretty neat made me think of Casey Jones I use to watch as a kid. To all that can remember him!

In the afternoon as the town was built round Fort Henry thought I’d better take a look so off I went across the bridge and up a slight hill but lovely views but God was it hot.

View out to Lake Ontario  from Fort Henry

Kingston in the background at the bottom of the hill is the military camp their Sandhurst quite impressive all round so much to see and take in in one very hot day. I love the area it has a nice vibe. I didn’t get to take the ferry across to Wolfe island maybe next time!

So tomorrow I’m moving on towards Montreal. I think I know a route now so keep your fingers crossed and hope my French improves with usage.


3 thoughts on “Kingston Rd -day 60

  1. Hi Liz what a beautiful place. I notice they Macdonald get everywhere lol. We had flash flooding here, never seen the River so high. Alyth was flooded out the Alyth burn burst its banks, cars were floating down the Main Street. I would love some of your lovely weather. Montreal will be a challenge, but I have every faith in you. Love you


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