Cobourg to Belleville Day 57 – 75km

This morning  I got up but was not in the mood to move very fast, infact I didn’t wish to move at all just one of these mornings. Finally I was on the road and it turned out to be a really good day. First I went downtown to Cobourg and the marina area and it is a lovely town quaint and locals very friendly.

Downtown Cobourg first thing in the morning. 

The town Hall and surrounding area then it was on to the beach and Marina area.

Leaving the harbour

I hope the boat managed to get through what is a small entrance area to the marina then out to the open waters of Lake Ontatrio.

I stuck to County Road 2 today  and it was very nice even most of the way a cycle lane which was wide enough  for at least 2/3 bikes. I must admit by 10 am I was missing my second breakfast yes a girl who has developed  a  habit of having. 2 breakfasts since cycling. So as I reached Grafton I saw the cafe the twisted sisters so the name alone had me intrigued. Ordered a cuppa that was in a teapot so things were on the up. Breakfast done to perfection 2 eggs  bacon hash browns and brown toast with marmalade oh yes lovely jubbley.

The twisted Sisters cafe worth a visit and the price was good as well. Sat speaking to the locals so the day was going well. The weather was warm with a breeze  although a little bit of a head wind it was certainly better than yesterday thank goodness.

As I was leaving Grafton I spied these motor bikes  very nice I asked if I could trade blackbetty(only joking girl) the man just laughed and suggested the one on the end. I was more for the other ones.

What about these 2  but know look what he was offering I mean black Betty is worth more!!!!!!!!

No way!!!!

Onto Brighton see if it matches ours but, but I feel a tad small but perfectly formed. All along my route was lovely little towns and. So much to look at and shop if I had any room to carry just as well not. it’s also Apple country round here.

Brighton centre

Don’t know what upset it?

The road I travelled today which was great the only problem was the roadworks at Trenton but it was manageable.

The Marina at Trenton Bay of Quinte.

So all in all a lovely road travelled today  and nice weather a bikers dream. 

Oh a new animal sign but didn’t see any



3 thoughts on “Cobourg to Belleville Day 57 – 75km

  1. One thing you notice on your travels is there is no litter. How nice would it be over here if we had the same. Looks a great part of the country to wander through xx


  2. Hi Liz what a beautiful area, a tourist dream, perfect. I think I could spend my holibags as Gill calls it there no bother. You sound so upbeat, I think that rest did you the world of good. Your Gran would have loved going in to all those wee shops. Love you


  3. Enjoying your ride, vicariously!
    The turtle crossing, as I understand it is necessary in certain areas in the spring when females are trying to get to a sandy area in order to lay their eggs (often crossing busy roads to get there) and many of these species, especially the painted turtle, are being seriously impacted. Some areas have built underpasses to accommodate this traffic.


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