Belleville to Picton Prince Edward – day 58 60 km

Today was wall to wall sunshine not a cloud in the sky a slight breeze but warm from the beginning to a very hot at the end. What a day folks every cyclists dream blue sky’s a bit of a tail wind no particular dead lines or places  to get. 

I left Belleville first thing this morning going over the bridge to what is not a island as it is joined further back to the main land. I crossed at Norris Whitney bridge as the sun was coming up it was simply gorgeous so I had to stop and take photos as a boat was chugging out under the bridge. 

First thing then I spotted the boat so just stood and watched as it got under way.

I knew it was going to be a good day so when I got to the other side instead of doing the most direct route I just took to all the back roads and stopped and started. The area itself is known for its wineries. Also the rest is made up of holiday homes  for dare I say it very wealth. There is still a thriving farming area also with all their harvest stuff on sale plus bakers and independent cafes all about. 

Loads of cyclists to stop and chat to and get information more than I have seen on this tour. I stopped at Wellington which has its own bay looking out on Lake Ontatrio, Ameliasburgh then onto Bloomfield which was really nice a sort or Holt with a little more hippy influence. The bike shop was fantastic and sorted my kick stand which had come off this morning and to which I missed not having as you have to look for something to lean the bike on not always available when you stop.

Lunch was in Bloomfield at the bullfrog which was really nice then on to the bike shop who said I could stay there in their barn for the night but I had already pre booked a room here as was told it would be difficult to find accomidation in the area so had made arrangements already. So I’m about 3/4 km from the ferry ride tomorrow from Glenora. Yes Amy another ferry ride love it.

In the afternoon as it was so hot I had to stop at a micro brewery and sample but I couldn’t carry 6 bottles although he could draw a pint I thought better not after sampling what with the sun being hot and the ale about 4.5 % I would have never reached my motel.

The area I’m cycling today

Now don’t laugh but they leave these out overnight here  would they still be there in Britain?

Plenty of  sweet corn

Along the waterfront trail I’ve been following since Whitby and will follow till Cornwall I think

Sitting on someone’s roof great

Downtown Wellington along from Bloomfield

This is the library at Bloomfield

Favourite laid back bike shop even tried out a recumbent great service.

Well naturally has to be sample

Downtown Bloomfield

 Loved to have gone raking about in there but can’t carry anything so was going to be tempted



An electic mix I think

  The view along to my motel

  Ah roughing it tonight

  View from my balcony tomorrow heading for historic Kingston which I’m looking forward to. So another fantastic day with plenty to see and do and lots of nice things to eat and interesting people to speak to.



6 thoughts on “Belleville to Picton Prince Edward – day 58 60 km

  1. Hi Liz,
    I am really enjoying your blog. It has been fun to see parts of Ontario that I have not seen. So cool. Glad everything is going so great!

    Johanna from Owen Sound.


  2. Hi Liz now that’s my kind of biking. What a beautiful part of the world. Your photos are great, good advertising for Lake Ontario. I wish I was there with you, in a open top car of course lol. Love all the home baking, I am a sucker for it. Love you


    • Yeah total mileage is 4747 km or 2949 miles so far about another 2,000km still to be done I think. About to head into French Quebec in about 2 days time. Trying to remember my French. Heading for Montreal all next week then Quebec hope to have a couple of days in each. Staying in Kingston till Sunday with rob and Mary Ann my hosts it’s suppose to be one of the oldest cities in canada so heading down town tomorrow.

      Hope all is well can’t say I have even thought of work!!!!


      On Friday, July 17, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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