Whitby to Cobourg Day 56 81km

Today it said there was going to be thunderstorms and very humid. I started off at about 9am from Campbell and Carols house thank you so much for putting me up even though you only moved in about a week ago.

About to start out again.

I had a route mapped out but of course  Google takes you down all sorts of path ways some good but some just run out leaving you very confuse do. It started to rain and I put my jacket on but almost melted  with the humidity so I took it off and guess what the rain stopped but it stayed muggy all day and very hot. I was dripping all day and couldn’t wait get in the showers the end of the day.

Bike path going through Oshawa very nice and even  marked

  Count the pylons unfortunately in Canada they can not put them under ground because if any faults. In winter impossible to dig them up is what I was told due to the weather.
At one point I got lost trying to find one of the trails then along came Terry on his bike he is just back from cycling Iceland. He told me to follow him, and then I got back on track following the lakeside trail and then the road all the way to Cobourg. The route took me along side Lake Ontario but not clear views due to the haze. Past the port of Newcastle and Port Britain and Port Hope.

Port Newcastle

Port Newcastle  Marina

The road out of Port Newcastle over looking the Lake

A very rickety wooden bridge over the railway line note the weird angle.

Lake Ontatrio 

Just love the shape  of some of these barns

I have Spoken to 2/3people who state if I get a chance go on prince Edward on the way through to Kingston and take the little ferry so now investigating if possible as the couple next room at the motel  tell me it has lovely pottery wines etc but quite expensive to get any place to stay so I will have to investigate( mind you the couple reminded me of Alan and his wife in Cornwall) Pete will know what I mean very loud and nothing they don’t know but bless they were trying to help.

I Unpacked my pannier tonight to find my chocolate milk had leaked so had to do a bit of cleaning  but nothing major but it doesn’t half stink.

So tomorrow it is going to be sunshine but hopefully without the humidity as that was a killer today.


One thought on “Whitby to Cobourg Day 56 81km

  1. Hi Liz I see you had a good hair day lol. Their cycle tracks are in better Nick then our roads. Not much happening at this side of the pond, the family are back from holiday this Friday, but the kids are old enough to look after themselves. Love you


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