Whitby Rest Day 55

Another rest day folks so not much to update. Today I slept in late which was unusual but must have needed it. Campbell was off to Ottawa first thing and Carol and family were waiting  for the hot tub man to come and service it. Fin then took Moria and her friend Francessca to the beach so even though it was extremely warm I went out on blackbetty to see Whitby and the surrounds.

First though I cleaned and polished my bike and oiled her so she’s happy now.

Down at the Marina at Whitby that sits on lake Ontatrio 

Nice boats Derek you’d love it and just a bamy 28 

After I got back from town Carol had been busy and made a lovely evening meal. Then at 9pm we all went down to the local  frozen yoghurt shop 

called Menchies where you help yourself to all the flavours topped with other sweet stuff and then we sat outside at 10 pm in a bamy 25 it was lovely I wasn’t expecting to have such hot weather. So once again a big thanks to the Corrigan family for making my stay such a pleasure and the chance to catch my breath from the last week or so. I now fully recharge and leave tomorrow.

This is what us girls went down for thanks Grace for driving us there

So back on the rd tomorrow heading east head for Montreal eventually.


2 thoughts on “Whitby Rest Day 55

  1. Huge thanks as well to the Corrigan family for looking after Liz. From the pictures looks like you have settled in a gorgeous location. Love to all the family


  2. Hi Liz I am glad you took these few day’s off to recharge. It looks a lovely place, Iain and I would have loved the Marina. Love you


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