Primrose to Whitby – Day 53 – 54 km cycled plus some kind people

Hi all yesterday was a eventful day I set off from Primrose at about 8am and it was already hot. My aim was to use the smaller roads and wind down across country above Toronto. This was for obvious reasons.

1 the roads are getting really busy. 2 There is the Pan Am games in progress so didn’t want to touch Toronto.

I started the day turning off hwy 10 onto what Google suggested was a good rd, another Google laugh at my expense. First thing I took my camera out to take a photo of a lovely old building only to be chased by a barking Alsatian and his mate a golden lab so I hot tailed it out of there reaching for my bear spray and would not be afraid to use it!!! Then the road went into what can only be described as a gravelled dirt track not to mention the steep hills coming down trying not to apply brakes in case I came a cropper which would have hurt badly.

The scene of the dog incident then the road going to gravel bad sign

First I thought lovely countryside rolling in hills

Then the fun really started 15 km of that and I decided at the next junction Tarmac  I’ll go south on Hwy 18 another glaring mistake by me this time. Traffic was really busy but mainly going north to cottage country.

Then I saw this sign and knew what was coming a downhill reaching speeds of 53 kph help.

Tally Ho!

After that hill going down and the big hill up I went  the next I saw a local man collecting his paper from his post box and stopped to ask for a better route. Bruce invited me in to his house for some refreshments and I met his wife Sharon. Thanks guys a lovely sit on your deck refill my water bottles and then Bruce told me of the coming hill and said no problems what he would do was put the rack on his car and ferry me down to Hwy 9 fantastic off we went.

I reached Hwy 9 re assessed where I was going and not one to learn from my mistakes looked at Google who stated about 7 km up the rd had the Albion  trail so this was Tarmac (to begin with aren’t they all) then turned into gravel later on but by then I was committed. Met lots of Lycra clad males on the Tarmac out for Saturday spin. Then I met Drew who told me at Schonburg   there  a place to get a sandwich so I followed him but slowly as my bike is not built for speed maybe I need one like that Pete?

More gravel then into the village for eats

The place was amazing a bikers heaven with fabulous food yes I’m on about food again but can’t help myself.

It was there I met the amazing Darrell with his grandson Jacko and he was trying to explain a better route for me as Drew didn’t come from the area.

Next thing he gave me the car keys told me to see if my bike fitted in the rear of his daughter veh and he was going to take me across to a manageable bit. So I loaded the bike up we put Jacko in his seat and we we’re off. 

He kept going further over to avoid traffic what a star. When his daughter called asking where he was he said just driving and would be back shortly he said they thought him irresponsible sometimes he said they would call again and sure enough they did  with him replying I’ll be back shortly. He dropped me at a suitable place thanks again what a star and what friendly people.

 So I was in Ajax yes a town my mum use to clean the bath with it but there you go! This is one town over from where I needed to be so I headed for you’ve guessed it a favourite haunt yes Timmys. Contact my host Campbell as I didn’t have address and was a day or two early. He was currently at Ribfest down town Whitby so as I settled in and used free wifi to contact home . Carol his wife turned up shortly and we loaded blackbetty in the wagon and off we went. 

They have only been in their new house about a week and said no problems staying thanks guys. These are friends of my brother Jim and I have never ever met them before. So once I was settled in the basement and showered off we went to Ribfest which is held every year a sort of fair and various big cook places cooking up ribs where members of the public vote whose is the best also country bands playing and off course the beer and wine tents. So we met up with Campbell and the girls. So after we came home we all went out for dinner then after that I was shattered and went to bed as did the rest of the family a fantastic end to what turned out to be a good day.

Meet Holmes the family dog apparently loves eating socks

Having a snooze its to warm outside reading a 100 on the patio so retreated indoors. Thank god for air con.


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