Seney to Sauté St Marie 84 miles- Day 45

Today was one-off those days as I was loading my bike I noticed the back tyre was spongey so decided to put in a new inner tube before starting. As I stood there I was attacked Mosqituos so went back into my room to complete the task. Then I was off as the motel owner then told me everything further up the rd was booked up as this was goingto be a very busy weekend so I needed a cunning plan. So 20 miles outi stuck my thumb out sorry needs must folks. 

With one flick  of my thumb I had a ride with Miles and Janet who have a cabin up there and we’re just out for a jaunt. They could take me as far as Newberry so that was fine. As the morning went on we got talking he asked if I  had visited nearby falls no I replied so off we went sight seeing and then they took me all the way  to the bridge into Canada. What lovely people I meet. 

So even thou I checked down town they said I could cycle across the bridge so off I went. Bloody hell when I entered the slip rd  the sign read no bikes but I had committed. I walked across to the toll and asked the girl there said yeah you can cycle but wait a minute I need money first( I wasn’t trying not to pay so handed over 2$ and off I went. Scared witless the height of the bridge and a little wind but I didn’t look down and there is no walk way to stop and sight see.

Across through customs and back into Canada sorry I missed Canada Day. Straight to tourist info  picked up another map used the free internet and was stopped by several people asking about my trip. I found my bearings and headed for the Velorution Bike shop where I needed a pair of new shorts that were more comfortable and also you can camp behind  the shop for free. Pity no one else has turned up yet  maybe someone will later. You get free wifi and the use of a shower room after they have gone home from the bike shop.

I have a warmshowers  host booked for tomorrow and have sent her a e mail as no phone listed as yet she has not gotten back to me hoping to bring it forward by a day. I  have also frequented  Timmys for a nice cuppa and frosted cinnamon bun I’ve missed that at the end of day.

Here are some of my pics from my sightseeing tour of the falls today. Don’t judge me for taking a lift needs must. 

 With Janet my host for the day




4 thoughts on “Seney to Sauté St Marie 84 miles- Day 45

  1. Liz,
    I want to thank you for watching out for my girl Amy. She so loved hanging with you along her journey through Canada. I would love to meet you some day and hope it happens. Good luck on your journey!


  2. Liz taking a lift what a sensible thing to do no judgement there girl. Was dropping off Sheila at the weekend as she came down and stayed with us. As I pulled up outside the house a car stopped and a guy kept staring at me. I went over and guess who Andy McKinney looking great and he was asking after you.
    he did comment “remember when we used to go on our bikes for a run and your sister Liz wanted to come along and we said “No” but she used to tag along. Told him what you were doing, in fact I tell all my customers what you are doing and they all think its amazing.
    Salmon fishing best place in the world, take sometime out and have a go at some of these rivers you pass.
    You sound more up beat and the people are just so kind restores your faith in mankind with all the dreadful things going on just now.
    Lots of love from us all here in bonny Scotland XX


  3. Hi Liz no judgement on this side of the pond, that must have been one scary ride, think I would have sat down and cried. What a brave wonderful girl you are, it’s now official you are my favourite niece lol. Very hot here today going out to enjoy it. Love you


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