Harvey to Seney Day 44 – 77miles

First Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends hope it’s a good one.

Well was out and ready to hit the road at 0730am as I knew it would be a long one. It was sunny but on the cool side which is good for cycling. I hugged the Lake side for quite a bit of the day.

Lake Superior  first thing this morning

Looking back at Marquette

Then I entered the national forest area but still near the lake climbing  up a few hills but nothing to bad.
These I passed on the side of the rd not quite sure what they were at first I thought storks or heron but I think to big. Now updated that they are indeed Sandhill  Cranes  thanks Randy

Stopped for a bit of a rest and more eats mid morning. Nice view of the lake

Then a climb up and a fast descent into Christmas yes that the name it did make me smile.

Hoo hoo

Downtown at Christmas Mall lots of junk  but nice.

Ah Santa is alive and well!!!!

Here is his work shop 

This place is just great can you imagine in the depth of winter and everyone buzzing around on snow mobiles

I then had a couple of hills then dropped into Munising which was alovely little town on the Lake and as I arrive I smelt a bakery from afar making pasties so as they were queuing out the door felt I couldn’t miss out.


Delicious is the only word especially when you are starving. The only problem is after eating this I had one more hill to hit so it was rough going on a full stomach. After lunch I knew I had 25 miles of nothing only me and the forest no stops. It was hard going at the end of the day as I also had a head wind which didn’t help but head down and on I kept going and eventually arrived at my destination not much but a garage a motel and a few houses but I made it. 

For those of you interested my total mileage so far is 2,342 miles or 3,769 km so hopefully I maybe half way or more now. Im so surprised when I look at how far I have travelled and quite surprised by myself in getting thus far but thanks go to lots of lovely people who have helped  out along the way.  A big thanks to the support of my family who cheer me up at the end of some gruelling days and have the confidence in me to succeed. To all the people that follow my blog thanks guys it’s much appreciated and love having you on board listening to my rants and funnies sometimes I hope. So e mail me with any questions or funnies as love hearing from you.


6 thoughts on “Harvey to Seney Day 44 – 77miles

  1. Hi Liz, you sound more up beat today. I can’t imagine how big Lake Superior is. Love Christmas, great photos. I am watching Wimbledon, Andy is through, but he does make you sweat watching him, it was 40 degrees on centre Court a tad to hot me thinks. Keep you up to date with his progress. That is a lot of miles you have done, you can’t turn back now.lol. Love you


  2. I am truly amazed how far you have gone already. So proud of you. Lovely photos too. You are meeting some wonderful people too by the sounds of it. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog. Take care. Miss you xx


  3. Glad to hear you discovered the Sandhill cranes, and the Cornish pasties. Lots of mining in the area, and those who came from the British Isles brought their own cuisine.
    Congratulations on making the Soo! You never have to apologize to me for taking a lift or two; I am totally impressed with your commitment and effort.


  4. 2342 miles and still going strong, amazing! It’s also heart warming to hear how kind total strangers can be (especially in our business Liz !!). x


    • Yeah just at the Soo (sauté St Marie and staying at warm showers host tonight as could do with a break and laundry and stuff needs doing. So will start round Lake Huron tomorrow and head down to the ferry in about 3/4 days. I think by Facebook you look like you’ve had a bereavement sorry to hear and hope your doing fine.

      On Friday, July 3, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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