Three Lakes to Harvey Day 43- 47 miles

Bad day, I knew I’d  get them but boy they wear you down. I had a good sleep and then on the road by 0700am  but I just couldn’t get going. Two miles down the rd the drizzle started and it was blowing  a cold wind in fact the coldest I have had on all my trip. I could even see my breath. I pushed on to Champion and pulled in for breakfast of omelette of feta cheese spinach and hash browns and cup after cup of coffee to warm up. She just kept refilling and I thought it may help.

I got as far as  Ishpeming and was trying to look for a short cut which would bypass Marquette but I must have missed it and wasn’t sure if the county roads would be well travelled.

By early afternoon after battling head winds I was frozen coming into Marquette and went along the bike path as rd works on the main rd made it unsafe to do so. By then the wind was coming in strong from Lake Superior so I decided to call it a day book in to a motel that had internet and catch up.  Tomorrow I have about 74 miles to do. Then 2 fairly short days to get me back to Canada. This lake is very very big and  I will be glad to move on to the next one hopefully this weekend. I’m afraid due to the cold and weather not very many pics taken to day. All I can say it was quite hilly with lots of forests either side of the road. No wild life seen to day unless you count a squirrel with attitude. 

The bike path along side of Lake Superior

Looking back at Marquette

So a small blog today and look forward to a new day


3 thoughts on “Three Lakes to Harvey Day 43- 47 miles

  1. Hi Liz, what a hellish two days you have had. The Weather is so diverse, no wonder your mood is so down, keep pedalling, you will soon be back in Canada, just a blip, in the mighty bike trip lol. Love you xx


  2. Sounds like our advice has landed you in some uncomfortable places. Sorry to hear this is not the solution we were hoping for. I know you’re tough, but this is testing your outmost limits.
    All the best, on Canada Day.


    • No it was the right choice and I thank you for the advice the roads have been really good it’s just me having a off day or two which is expected on such a long trip. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction as they say

      Liz Happy Canada Day pity I’m not the right side of the border to celebrate with you all

      On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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