Merriweather to Three Lakes Day 42 – 75miles trying to out run the weather.

Last night I wasn’t very well unsure if it was the pizza or dehydration but up most of the night and even thought of staying another day.

I need to press on and get on the road and put the miles in to get me back to Canada. So I was up and on the rd by 07.20am and was doing fine but to begin with not many places open. Eventually I pulled into Bruce Crossing but only found the bar open so went in and had a cold soft drink. Onward and eventually got through some roadworks putting down shingle which was hard to ride on.

I stopped again at Sidnaw and stopped again at the bar to get something to eat. I was the only one in the bar. The owner was explaining that this was there quiet time of the year. They had Wifi there so I know it is possible to get it. There was thunder storms  expected this afternoon and from lunchtime onwards I was trying to out run it all afternoon as it became very hot and sticky  and navy blue sky’s all around and thunder could be heard.

I stopped to take some photos of 2 eagles but was immediately  attacked from all sides by every type of bug and biting as well so back on the bike again so  not many photos taken.

I arrived at Three Lakes all I can say is it has 3 lakes and no internet anywhere. At this time  it was 1630 and the navy blue cloud was almost on me so I knew it would be foolish to out run it so booked in just as it started.Was I lucky at one point you couldn’t see the road. I know this is rural but how can you run a business without the internet  in this day an age? I believe the owner let the cat out of the bag he has internet but the hotels don’t want guests down loading stuff so they make it unavailable. 

Now as prices go 50 $  is a good price but boy would I visit again no………. There was flys in the room to which I marched down and got his bug spray from his table without asking and got rid of them. There is no screens on the windows so will have to spray myself before going to bed great. This is by far the worse motel I have booked into which is not helping my mood today

I’m unable to plan my route through Marquette tomorrow but hopefully 24 miles up the rd should be civilisation. I need to clear Marquette tomorrow, by quite a bit hopefully near to Chatham to stand a chance of clearing the states before the 4th of July. So I will be up again very early to get on the rd as I feel another long day ahead. I just hope the rain clears as it is still raining.

Just as I came in at the end of the day there was 2 of them. But my hands were a bit shaky.
Coming into Three Lakes

The clouds following me  all day getting darker

Yes it was raining glad I was indoors


One thought on “Merriweather to Three Lakes Day 42 – 75miles trying to out run the weather.

  1. Liz sounds a tough part of the journey. Bite your lip dig deep and keep going with the knowledge ahead of you are the better bits.

    Health wise watch the biting insects don’t give you an illness that creeps u on you. Take care all routing for you xxx


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