Superior to Ashland Day 40 – 65miles

This morning I had breakfast with Nancy and Annie and then said our goodbyes it was a good night. She helped me get back on track so I went along the Hwy13 then dropped to Hwy 2 to Ashland which is right on the shore line of the lake.

The day was very warm and got up in the 80’s so I was drinking all the time diving into garages to replenish the supplies of water. At lunch time I pulled off at Iron Bridge 

and had something to eat and drink as my legs were beginning to feel like lead weights. It was up and down hill all day not big hills but in the heat it was quite gruelling.

Opposite where I stopped for lunch

There was not much to take pictures of today due to the up and down hills and tree lined roads so I tried to save myself from doing anything else but riding

Arriving at Ashland thank goodness as I was shattered the heat certainly takes its toll then the Mosquitos started so I was spraying my stuff and covered in suntan lotion but everyone always says you’ve caught the sun!!!!

I arrived at the motel I had booked last night to be greeted by Carol the owner who was still getting it ready but got me some iced water and a seat by the lake front which was nice.

Taken from the motel.

I finally got into my room and Carol said she would like to treat me to my meal at a local Bistro she recommended as she thought my trip was wonderful I told her there was no need but she insisted,drove me down spoke to the people there left me to have what ever I wanted and told me to call when finished and came and collected me. So I sat in the Bistro with a harpist playing  and had a wonderful meal it really was a lovely gesture thank you so much people have been so nice.

Tomorrow I head for State no3 Michigan and very soon back again into eastern time for the 2 nd time this trip


2 thoughts on “Superior to Ashland Day 40 – 65miles

  1. Looks like your decision to go into America has paid off as beautiful scenery and fantastic people have help you out on your way. I’m sure this must have lifted your spirits on route. Keep on cycling 🚴😀


    • Sitting in macdonalds in Ironwood Michigan studying where to stop tonight. This is the only bloody place you get internet. Still no worries I’ll soon burn off the calories consumed Hope all is well with you and Sera


      On Sunday, June 28, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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