Little Marais to Superior Day 39 65miles with grateful help

I spent last night in my cabin fixing my tiny puncture so that today the bike handled better. I was out the door and on the road at 7.30 and the weather was set fair and was going to warm up.

As I went down the road I kept finding bike trails off the road which helped when the shoulder narrows. Half way through the morning my legs and body were telling me to fuel up so after Beaver Bay and silver bay and I think as far down as Gooseberry I pulled in as a passing motorist earlier  had told me it was nice place and had a late brunch. 


View from my cabin last night

Beaver bay falls

After brunch I was heading down the rd still peckish and came across Betty’s unfortunately it was qued out the door so could  not take advantage of another snack( hungry work this cycling lark)

This did make me smile thinking about my mum.

Anyway as I went towards my final goal Duluth I was hoping to get there before the Friday rush hour and to come in on a back rd. This when things started to go wrong a diversion on my route came into play and I was off my chosen route then brought out on the busy Freeway with people sounding there horns was I not suppose to be there? I wondered pulled in at the nearest gas station which wasn’t manned spoke to another motorist who thought it was ok so off I went again.

The diversion was now directing me over a 4 lane freeway which was very busy so I stopped to take a rethink  and there she appeared my saviour. Nancy had just left her house 200yds up the rd and was joining the freeway and saw me there.

Out she popped can I help I told her what and where I wanted to go  and she told me to go up to her house and wait while she parked her car and trailer on the hard shoulder. Lucky for me she is a fellow cyclists with many tours under her belt. Whilst back at her house and Nancy trying to figure out maps and routes we heard Annie her dog barking in her car so back down the rd to find the police stopped behind her car your not allowed to leave animal unattended. She apologised while I backed her up with the I’m lost Brit look and he let us go. Nancy then came up with a cunning plan put her bike in her small but nice trailer put black Betty in the car Annie on my lap kissing me and we were off.  Through Duluth and into Superior for me to get a motel. That was plan A but there is a football tourment on all rooms fully booked. Nancy came up with plan B she called her friend she was going to visit stated she was going camping with me what a star. We stopped at the nearest supermarket I went in got the meat and other stuff including beer and we were off. Nancy thank you so much what can I say and a good night was had.

Nancy small bug fantastic camper and of course Annie. No you can’t have a beer.

Nancy and Annie

Annie in full pose lovely dog and great night. Sorry if I mucked up your plans Nancy but it was very nice meeting you.


3 thoughts on “Little Marais to Superior Day 39 65miles with grateful help

  1. Hi Liz that must’ve been very scary when you thought you were not suppose to be on the freeway. Isn’t it amazed how kind People can be, I think the most memorable part of your trip so far must surely be the people. What lovely photos of Nancy and Annie. Keep fuelling the body. The weather was kind to us and we had lunch outside. Pat and Ray are following your blog and so enjoying it. Love you xx


  2. Oh dear! Sounds like our suggestion (which was intended to make this part of the journey a lot easier) ended up with some scary complications! Happy to hear good hearted folk have rescued you, and you now have even more friends!


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