Ashland to Merriweather(Lake Gogebic) Day41 – 67 miles

Set off early as knew it would be hot again today. It was more humidity and not full sunshine but sweat I did from the very start. I took Hwy 2 out of Ashland and headed for Ironwood across the state line and entered Michigan.The road is well shouldered but still busy but nothing alarming and certainly no trucks passing by mainly holiday traffic. 


Still hills this side just more shoulder

Looking back and may I say at the time very sweaty.

Just before Ironwood.

I stopped at the tourist info and got my map of Michigan and the girl there was very helpful. She advised what  areas had nothing I between and what routes most bikes take plus a bikers map of how to get round or  through Marquette which she States is very busy. I have till Fri/ Sat to get through to Sooobut I’m unsure if I can make that but I’m going to give my best at least if I reach the bridge on Saturday into Canada I’ll have done well. 

Now I’m on Hwy 28 the road is fine but a lot of forest either side which I’m afraid has brought out every kinda of bug. They are dive bombing me and like yesterday evening the Mosquitos are out in force although if I spray myself instead of the cream it seems to help. The bite I had on the side of my eye has finally gone down at one point it was very swollen and hard to see out of.

Tonight I’m at a fishermens paradise area down by the lake and the owners have been very kind and given me some milk for my well earned cuppa at the end of the day but there is no shop  or restaurant here. Having said that I found they do a frozen pizza  which I bought and they cooked it in the pizza oven and it was delicious but way to big for one I’ll try later to eat more as it stops me functioning later tomorrow without the necessary fuel. Tomorrow due to distances here will have to push on and do some miles unless something else comes up and try and get as near to Marquette as possible. As I came nearer to my stop tonight it got hotter and and the sky turned a very nasty shade of navy blue but I managed to out run the storm which was quite a good one as I watched from my window over looking the lake, thankfully not still on my bike in the middle of no where. This will bring out more bugs and the temp has not dropped.

Back into Eastern time again

Mine is the middle room upstairs and very nice and cheap

View of the storm passing through

I will have to check the weather for tomorrow and get a early start 


2 thoughts on “Ashland to Merriweather(Lake Gogebic) Day41 – 67 miles

  1. Hi Liz, they say mind over matter but me thinks it’s mind over Mosquitos lol. You are having to dig deep physically and mentally but you are doing so well, your Gran would have been so proud of you as I am. Love you xx


  2. Blimey Liz I feel tired just reading your blog! You’re doing incredibly well! What lovely people you’ve met along the way, so helpful and friendly. Derek and look forward to reading your posts each day. X

    Liked by 1 person

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