ChicagoBay to little Marais – Day 38 – 65 miles

Last night as I was tucked up my cabin there was a thunder storm that lasted well into the early hours. The cabin was lit up with all  the Lightning. 

This morning it was hard pulling myself out of a very comfy bed and hitting the rd. it was a late start at it was still raining when I got up. I waited and as luck would have it it rain stopped but only to be replaced by of very dense fog which is very old and that was what I had most of the day. Occasionally there would be a out break of sunshine but not that often. So today not to many pics.

I rode beside the lake, in land, a bit and a few rolling hills. At one of the resorts up the road I met a  couple cycling but only 6 day tour. They were booking in to a hotel but it was to early in the day so I continued. In the end at 64 miles I found something  but no wifi, unless you use the guy along the Rds  which I’m doing. I shocked in USA how many places don’t have wi fi. The places to eat and rest stops are really good so yes it is a safer ride but  can’t wait to end going south instead go East after tomorrow as I feel  I’m not getting where.

Where do I begin them Mosquitos are hellish I have a bit near my eye , another nasty one on my jaw and now neck I dread going out in the evening . Well tonight is short and sweet as extremely tired and Internet is doing my head in.

Fog over the Lake

The mangy moose  motel I tried to get to last night just because I liked the name but looked ok
One of the many waterfalls that flow into the lake

Tonight’s view from my  cabin by the lake


2 thoughts on “ChicagoBay to little Marais – Day 38 – 65 miles

  1. Glad weather hasn’t been too severe. Can completely understand the frustration of backtracking West again. Hope the remainder to Duluth goes smoothly, with lots of interesting spots to stop, and generous, welcoming folks to comfort you in the absence of wifi connection.


  2. Hi Liz these mosquitoes are bloody awful, the llittle buggers lol. I think you are getting the same weather as us but warmers. Having a few people for lunch tomorrow, so Iain and I had a cook in. I think you will feel better when you go east. Love you xx


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