Part 2 -Thunder Bay to Chicago Bay Day 37 56 miles

Howdy Folks, slight detour now going south and crossed into America at Pidgeon River . Going round the side of Lake Superior and then doing south side as feel the roads more safer for cyclist or I’ve wimped out either way I feel safer and will do a extra 200 miles for my desision. So now in sunny Minnestota and then heading for Wisconsin  then Michigan State so will be doing 3 USA States then back into Canada at Saulte St Marie(Soooo). Should be down here for just less than 2 weeks all going well.

Had a wonderful time in Thunder Bay with my excellent Host Rosemary thank you so much for showing me around and sorting the bike shop appt. also thanks to Iris for her info on coming this route most helpful.

I left this morning and it looked like, rain but it managed to stay off till I cleared into America. Photo taken finger prints done and form filled in and parted with 6$ and they let me in. Went to the tourist info just over the state line and picked up all the info I needed and waited for the rain to stop. Spoken to a nice couple from Oregeon who even offered me some food but I declined as Rosemary had seen me off with a nice packed lunch and fruit. The rain didn’t last and I started the climb over Mt Josephine which wasnt to bad but the fog kept rolling in in patches off the lake. When I got to the top there is a lovely vantage point where it cleared and managed some pics so  it was a good day. I thought of stopping at Grand Portage at the hotel/casino but not my thing so thought as it was still early would push on. Now back in Central Time again for a short while.

I didn’t feel I would make Grand Marais at a reasonable time. Even thou I wanted to get to the motel I had selected for the name alone.The Mangy Moose Motel but will have to give it a miss as will pass that tomorrow quite early. 

On the way down the rd I stopped a nice guy and asked if there was any motels etc near by he suggested try Natasha’s as she rents cabins only about 2 miles down the rd. so off I went. I pulled in and Natasha is a lovely Russian Lady who couldn’t have been more friendly stated yes she had a cabin and it usually is 120 $ but I could have it for 100$ so as it was late the deal was struck. I then returned to pay but she doesn’t have a credit card machine so I only had 80$ cash on me so deal done I’m now renting a 2 bed room cabin in the woods  with all mod cons. 150 yes down the rd is Chicago Bay deli and coffee/store etc so was able to get something to eat. 

The roads down here have a wide shoulder a view of the lake and rolling hills and places to stop and eat so I think I made the right decision. So I’m now going to walk down to the lake side which is just down the rd to stretch my legs.

Coming out of Thunder Bay

Pidgeon River Border

View from mt Joesphine

The fog I had today

My home for the night


2 thoughts on “Part 2 -Thunder Bay to Chicago Bay Day 37 56 miles

  1. Always get a wee deal. I taught Fraser with the looks looky men when he was wee. Only have 10 euro in pocket when they ask for 30 say it’s all you have then walk away. They will always bite !!!!!


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