Wabigoon to Ignace 90km Day 33

Well it rained well last night and I expected to be confronted by rain today. So when I pulled back the curtain was surprise to see it was dry but overcast. That put me in a good mood thought I’d hit the road early just in case the weather gods changed their minds. 

As I pulled out onto the road I was confronted with a head wind drat it was going to be one of those days. I put my head down but after 30 kms my legs were like lead and I was just not getting any power not sure if what I ate yesterday was enough and breakfast didnt hit the spot. I stopped and raided my bags but no matter what I ate nothing seemed to do the job as there is nothing and I mean nothing Inbetween places on this road I was going to have to dig deep today.

Wabigoon Mail drop see they have a bus shelter but my village can’t !!!!

Just as well I didn’t cycle into the village yesterday as this looks deserted

This was closed as well so it was a very  short stop.

At about 35km a cyclist came riding the other way and as is always the way we stopped to share a tale or to. He has come from Kitchener near Toronto and left on the 1 June and heading to Vancouver.Mark was his name and he had left Ignace this morning and had a tail wind all the way so was hoping to be in Dryden by lunch time. The lucky chap a tail wind, I give him it thou as he has had 2 days of headwind so it was his turn. He stated he hasn’t had good weather since he left and hadn’t put on his shorts yet mean while I haven’t had long trousers on yet so long may it continue.

When I did stop for various break I was nearly bitten alive with Mosquitos so I didn’t linger and used choose words as my temper and sense of humour was failing me. I’m afraid apart from one or 2 lakes the rest of the road was just tree lined and after a while not very interesting. 

I was stopped at rd works 25 km out apparently they are repairing a cink hole it’s nice speaking to the girls or guys who do the traffic control.

My gripe to day is please can we have the distances put up none of this 2 mins away or 10 mins as what does that mean to a poor  biker who is starving and just wants to arrive in town and get something.

Dan’s chip stand not open and up for sale

Finally I arrived headed to a motel booked in and hit the bar not for a drink it  was for food. I sat down the waitress came across I had already spied the specials. I told her just bring coffee and water please and the Northwood special I even had gravey on chips and boy did it go down well. I was then almost human. I think the waitress knew I was starving. Back to my room  and finally a soak to wash away the road dust and now as I sit doing the blog the sun has come out another day conquered.

Oh I saw 2 other cyclist as I came into town they were also going west and had a late night last night (darts) and were starting at nearly 4pm to get to Dryden over 100km away good luck boys you’ll need it. So hopefully with a good breakfast tomorrow I should be ok


2 thoughts on “Wabigoon to Ignace 90km Day 33

  1. Hi Liz Ontario seem a very hard part of your trip, but as usual you are conquering it, you’re now mentally and physically stronger than you have every been, so proud of you. Lorna won her riding class at the Highland Show, very happy bunny, see how she gets on at the in hand today, Sunday. Katie is fishing on the Meiklour Beat with the young Anglers this weekend, she just loves fishing. Fathers Day, so we are going to Gills for Tea, good cook, so it will be something tasty no doubt. Love you xx


  2. Sounds tough part of the course liz. Us we are just back from Spain and back to shit weather, its the worse its been for years over here, constant rain very depressing.
    Anyway back to work tomorrow can see it far enough. Glad you had a good meal always makes the difference tomorrows another day…love from us all here xx


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