Vermillion Bay to  Wagiboon 66km – Day32

Today according to google maps it was about 92 km to my next destination when in fact google has this motel in wrong location. So tomorrow I have 80 km to Ignace so another short day. That said there is forecast rain poss thunder so it’s certainly got cloudier since I have arrived. It gave me a excuse  to clean my trustee steed Black Betty and she is now all lubed and ready to go till she gets serviced at  Thunder Bay.

Today because of the lack of mileage feels like a wasted day but I have time on my side but this place is in the middle of no where so nothing to do. Luckily I was fore warned and  picked up food to see me through. I went to Walmart at Dryden the across the rd to Timmys for tea and frosted Cinnamon bun as my treat today.

On the way into Dryden the countryside was very green and rolling not to many lakes at all till the other side. Dryden its self stands out with a massive skyline of what looks like a paper mill. The town/ city as that’s what it is population was 8,000 . I prefer the landscape prior to entering Dryden and a pretty place called Oxdrift looked a nice community. This area is mainly farming and lots of hunting and fishing in the lakes and surrounding  land, every second stop on the highway is a bait shop.


The road ahead for the day

A pretty little church small or fancy windows but does the job I like simplicity


What’s this David Cameron and his chums went to school here?

A small city none the less

This is max the moose 

Look he also has a friend probably called Eddie

Thunder Lake before I stopped at Wabigoon for the night. Getting closer to Thunder Bay  hopefully by beginning of next week so I can see the big Lake.


4 thoughts on “Vermillion Bay to  Wagiboon 66km – Day32

  1. Liz, just so you know… you have now covered 2 pages in my A4 size atlas and I’m now about to turn the page. Even at this scaled down size it looks a helluva long way! (Still very much enjoying your musings each day x)


    • Thanks for reading still not half way? I had to pick the 2ND largest country in area size. Stupid fool what was I thinking!!!!! Ah well better get packed up hit the rd I think rain is forecast today what a bummer.

      On Saturday, June 20, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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