Kenora to Vermillion Bay  Day 31 – 96km

Was not looking forward to today but it turned out as things often do to be a lovely day and completely in the zone. I was up really early had breakfast and was on the road by 7.30 am with the hope of stopping at Tim Hortons for a cinnamon bun but what is it, do all Canadians go out to breakfast, cars were queuing to get in so I passed on the idea and cycled on to get back on the main Highway.

The sun was out but not really warm just pleasant  with a bit of a breeze which seemed to change direction all day but I’ll take that because guess what no bugs following me or dive bombing what a bonus things going my way.

As I went out of town I’m amazed sometimes by the art work or signs out in Canada

A full herbie as a spider really impressive as I’m a fan of the car.

Once I hit the highway there was no doubting I’m crossing the Canadian Shield  plenty of rolling hills and the lakes on either side were superb and  just worth cycling through.

I like to know in advance how much your going to get fined makes you think although I didn’t see set Brian out on patrol today.

My first lake came into sight so photo  had to be taken.

This is Dogtooth lake don’t ask why because I’ve not a clue and certainly didn’t  resemble a dogs tooth

As I carried on I noticed in one of the lakes that I saw a beavers den  but no sign of the occupant pity.

I forgot to say yesterday as I was cycling just up a head a skunk or to you and I (Pepe le pew) minced across the road I noticed cars went out of their way to avoid and I was coming up fast it stopped on the shoulder saw me coming and made toward me. I checked my mirror and also did a side severe to avoid as I didn’t wish to face the aftermath as I’ve heard it can be smelly. Pepe then minced back across the road without a care in the world. Today it was a large deer that bounded out and leapt in front of me a big beast and shot into the forest.

I was armed with home made sandwiches so at lunch time I stopped at one of the many lakes and spoke to a lady originally from Switzerland but now Canadian  on her way to Dryden. I thought as I sat at the side of the lake listen to 2 loons(birds) calling and diving for food  this beats sitting in my works car park at lunchtime in fact to day was as good as it gets.

Just living the dream

The road was better than expected after the tales written about it. Yes, little hard shoulder when going up hill and when the wind is blowing toand 2 lorries whizzing by I just got off the bike.

At 90 km I came into Vermillion Bay I thought of pushing on but legs and body said no go to the bakery already recommended and there I sat coffee and a little something.

This was taken later on when all the cars had gone but it was open earlier could be breakfast tomorrow as open at 7am?

Just for you Greg more weird signs I think for Pistons although unsure what that has to do with it

I’ve arrived

Fort Vermillion

View from the road of Vermillion Bay

So to sum up today a good day. One of the reasons I wanted to make the trip but tomorrow I might curse again it’s that kinda of trip. But happy thoughts from a tired biker biking across Canada because I can.


One thought on “Kenora to Vermillion Bay  Day 31 – 96km

  1. Hi Liz your are sounding more up beat today. The lakes look a lot like Scotland but in a larger scale. You are so right, cycling across Canada cause you can, and are, you brilliant brave girl. Remember to take in enough food for energy, I am sure you will. The weather here is more like autumn instead of coming up to the longest day, but that’s Scotland for you. Love you


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