Ontario Part 1

Hadashville to Kenora  Day 30 – 113Km

Well people I’m going to break down Ontario into 3 parts as this will be the only way I can get my head round how vast it is. Thanks for the tip Hilary I can see I’m going to be swearing and shouting at these distances flys and hills those never ending hills and I’m only starting.

I left my motel this morning even after putting on mosquito repellent last night still bitten. On the road just before 8am to try and beat the mid day heat more about that later. The day started well kinda cooler than it has been so I put my jumper on I think the first time since BC. Along I went hoping to have a second breakfast at Falcon Lake! As I was cycling along a man flagged me down (I just have this way) he was putting more petrol in his car. I stopped not wanting to be rude. And turns out Tyrone was a nice guy just wishing to hear about my bike and travels and what I carry. Again he is on his way to Newfoundland why is everyone going there?

Well he wanted to know if he could refill my water but I’d been on the road only a hour and declined then he gave me a jar of homemade jam. A tin of salmon  and chocolate bars which were to come in handy I declined any more stuff as I felt I would over load. He wanted my picture and I got another of myself for my family sorry bad hair day aren’t they all so helmet stayed on. I have his tel no and assured a bed for the night in Sudbury but I turn off before then. His parting gift was a bible all wrapped up. I had to except  but it is more weight so may have to be left behind in my hotel room as I’m trying to lighten my bags not collect more stuff. Mind you toast and jam tomorrow sounds lovely if I do say so myself. So Amy he is coming your way look out for Tyronne. As she tells me Kenneth stopped and gave her a can of drink today incredible some of these people and there kindness.



The road was changing it started to increase in the amount of incline.




Yet another reminder of what and whom lies ahead

  The Canadian Shield comes into view

  First view of many lakes ahead

  Look we are out of the Praries and the hills begin


  We’ve made it to another Province

  Lovely food up no don’t be silly closed its Wednesday



Another cafe round the corner also shut

  Coming into Kenora

   Today as been one of these days even as I write this the Internet connection keeps dropping out so frustrating . 

So in a nut shell before I lose it again the day progressed into a hilly road hot weather and no where open for a hungry biker. Tempers were getting frayed as I pulled into Kenora spoke to the information  desk to find there was simply no motels now till I get round all the lakes which isn’t true. I took my free map and left in search of motels to find a convention of sorts on and every where full so travel lodge it was hang the expense if I didn’t get a shower and food someone was going to die!!!

I then hit Walmart to get something to make for tea and of course to carry tomorrow as no hope of a cafe tomorrow we’ll not until the end. I saw a policeman on the way in and spoke to him as he sat there. He told me what the coming rd would be like and also gave me his card nice guy. Oh another thing to look out for 2 fugitives hitch hiking from Toronto wanted for homicide so let’s be careful out there. Girl and boy aged about 20s could be in thunder Bay Area oh I’m heading that way. Some more nice people to speak to? Also on the way back from Walmart the sky got darker the wind got up blowing dust up into my eyes and I just made it back to my room before the heavens opened up the end to a perfect day. It will be better tomorrow I’m  sure




5 thoughts on “Ontario Part 1

  1. Hi Liz sounds as if you have had a hellish day, but I know you have the strength of character to get through it. Remember you are stronger than you were when you start in BC, looking at your pictures of the hills they are small in comparison. I am off to lunch with Mary,Pat and Ray in Broughty Ferry, I think Ray is following your Blog. Love you


  2. “Life is like a box of chocolates .You never know what you gonna get.” Keep smiling sis, enjoy the ride. Get the pun there. You’ll get there, that’s for sure. Love Mike and Sera.


    • I know so far I’ve been living on the purple ones nice Carmel with nut in centre tonight it’s turned to shitty coffee. Rain is on but I’m tucked in in Wagiboon great name. Tomorrow it better have stopped making for ignace

      So don’t pinch my best sweeties Liz still smiling

      On Thursday, June 18, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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