Winnipeg to Hadashville  Day 29 – 120 km

Made it out of Winnipeg using google maps may not have been the quick route but avoided most of the traffic. Quite a few cycle lanes were used which is always nice. 


My sat nav had me going through a outdoor reserve which was quite nice first thing this morning

So back on the highway 1 and eastwards I headed as you can see it was a warm pleasant day no clouds in the sky. I have been bitten alive of late so I sprayed, and lotioned myself did it work you must be joking they love me. I will become a garlic eater if I can find a cafe.

Tell me why to the local authority feel the need to put up the same sign  could they not just combine in English and French on one sign must be costing a fortune. I don’t think that many people speak French this side. Oh well not my money just a little thought?


Well folks I’ve made it to the official centre of Canada cos the sign says so. Stopped took the picture stare up a straight flat rd and continued and not even halfway across.

  Boring but has to be done. Still a little shoulder!

I kept looking for somewhere to stop and eat but nothing came up then I saw a sign for walkers and pulled into a car park looked inviting only to find it was a bait shop and didn’t do food on Tuesday’s. It’s always the way do you push on looking or? Whilst there was stopped by a guy in the car park who wanted to talk about your trip it would be rude to press on. I informed him of looking for food. He told me  he was cyclist but was driving to Gander  which is even further than I’m going. His name was Kenneth and he was 74yrs but had a crazy  way about him (yes I attract them). He asked if I wanted a couple of smokey Joe’s well I looked at him a bit funny as wasn’t quite sure if he was offering me a joint!!  Then he clarified by asking if I was a vegetarian  no I said so I got offered a couple of cooked sausages from his cool box plus a cold can of 7 up. He then informed me God would have knocked him on the head if he hadn’t offered me food. Nice chap if not a little  crazy. 

I pushed on only to find another 20 km up the rd and what did I spy a restaurant isn’t it just the way. I didn’t feel like anything then. I went into the garage to refill my bottles but was told the water was not for drinking it was from a well by a very unhelpful lady. I felt I had enough to go on  as I wasn’t paying for bottled water it’s the principle.

Then a sign came up rd works for the next 33km what the….  Yes I spent most of the time in the lane blocked off so wasn’t to bad except for dust and the flies dive bombing and they hurt, they circle all about you no matter how fast you go. I can see I’m going to have real issues with them and the Mosquitos. The area  I have come through is tree lined and swampy water at the sides not nice.

As you can see I kept in near side

I arrived at the motel I picked due to the distance  but no one was there. Then a old boy came out.He  told me to take room 7 as that was unlocked. Not the best I’ve stayed in no fridge no tea making what has happened, standards are slipping and when the owner did come round  bloody expensive but by then it was to late  to go else where. Better still I asked the old guy where I could get food he stated 6 miles further back off the highway I thought noooooooo. I asked what time do they close at  he looked up and said in about 15 mins…………

He was A lovely old guy  and ran me down to the store in his dated Buick which had no power steering  and he had to get the cat out of the car and all the junk. He was like something out of the Beverley hilly billies but  so helpful. The only meal I could get was frozen pasta meal but wait for it nothing to cook it with but I bought it all the same and when the owner returned asked for microwave which she supplied to my room. So on that note now fed and watered and washed feeling better. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Jed Clampits car it looks good  from the out side but inside so thing else I’m sure chickens have rooster in there… 




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