Winnipeg  – Day 28 Rest Day

Arrived here last night and after meet my host and various family members and had a lovely BBQ outside. Then it finally rained but only for a short time. Kaitlin and her sister took me out to the Comedy Club  to see 12 finalist competing for  3 slots in Toronto later this year. It was a good  night. As I sat at the table I watched at the near table seemed to have  what I thought was strawberry or raspberry jam but it turns out it was cocktails served in moonshine jars to you and I it was drinking out of a jam jar but it was really good. As we drove home I was surprised to see so many deer in the city and housing areas and I’m not talking small deer. KaItlin told me she once had a stag head butting her house obviously didn’t like her paint work or something. I also asked why most people have a plug hanging  from the grill of their cars. This is to plug in to stop oil etc freezing when it gets -35 in the winter. They have sockets all over the town and at parking bays etc you could plug your hairdryer in if you wanted!!!! Mind you there’s a thought going out in your pjs to dry your hair to save electricity. Also down town they had a pole with evey kind of plug so you can charge your mobile phone neat little idea I thought.

Kaitlin gets up really early to go to work but when I got up she had baked me some home made muffins what a star glorious breakfast with my cuppa tea what a way to start the day.

Thank you so much. They were delicious

I had to go shopping for more cycling shorts today as the others are getting washed to death so instead of cycling I decided to investigate the city by bus and foot for a change. Armed with the knowledge that no 66 would take me downtown I was set. The city at the current time is very busy with people in for the women’s Fifa World Cup. I believe it is hosting Germany, USA. Sweden and possible Japan. I know Carsten my German friend is having difficult finding some where to stay but found out there is a backpackers hostel down town but the Youth Hostel has not opened for the season yet. I bumped into some German fans a husband and wife who pointed me in the direction of the Forks beside the river Kaitlin said it was worth checking out. 

They have build a new building for Canadian  Human Rights and it looked very impressive.

Outside is a bronze statue of Gandi

All along the riverside is some great bits of  interesting stone work. This place is where the Indians use to gather years ago where the 2 rivers meet. The Assiniboine and The Red River.






Also they had the most amazing food market hall that was like Covent Garden but much large that’s where I had lunch and chatted to lovely old ladies who asked about my trip. Everyone has been so friendly and if you get lost always someone will stop and ask if th eye can help you.


All old railway carriage on display.


The new railway freight running straight through downtown Winnipeg.


I really liked downtown the tower on the building above has a revolving restaurant


This is the new footbridge with restaurant which Kaitlin  informs me they decided to build on the the bridge  but they realised that the waste and water would have to be run along under the bridge and in the winter as it goes to-35 they had to lay better pipes etc to stop freezing this  is now why they call them the million dollar toilets!!!! Oh so someone was thinking in the planning stage. All in all it was a good day in the city, when I was getting my cycling shorts from the MEC I saw this and thought anything that helps ward off bears is good so my 2cdn purchase, needless to say my hubby just laughed I’ll be like tinkerbell going through the woods now…
What every respectable cyclist should have !!!!!!!!!

My host Kaitlin and her dog on the back porch.

One thing before I go these mosquito can bite you even through your clothing tomorrow I’m covering myself in Watkins before I venture forth. My body is suffering from many bites in funny places but enough of that peeps. 

I hit the road tomorrow and by Wednesday should then be coming into the Canadian Shield and a new Province  Ontario the largest  and the one that will take the longest so hold on to your hats folks.


5 thoughts on “Winnipeg  – Day 28 Rest Day

  1. What Ho Liz!!
    Well this is certainly a milestone… The end of the prairies!! Congrats a thousand times over. It’ll be worthwhile not focussing on how wide Ontario is – it is such a marvellous province partly because the regions you’ll go through are so distinctly different. So perhaps thinking of it as several provinces within it’s boundaries will help. Don’t miss the bakery in Vermillion Bay (The Comfort Table) and Rossport is a lovely little village that has a flat road into it (as opposed to some towns on the lakehead where the access roads have a pretty steep pitch). Oh and I found screaming at the hills and head winds very cathartic 😉


    • Thanks Hilary I didn’t think I would reach this far when I stood in your kitchen only 28 days ago. I’m in complete shock. I still panic now and again at the task but learning to cope. For me I think motels are the way to go mainly so I have Internet with my family oh and a shower at the end of a bad day. My son got engaged the other week so it’s nice being in touch. I’m now eating better than I thought I would and as they say got in a rhythm that suits me. I’m also slowing the pace more and seeing more. I’ll see how the coming days go as to how much mileage I’ll be able to do also that will be dictated to by where there is a place to stop,as well. So armed with my bear bell am ready to hit the rd tomorrow lol keep in touch

      Liz x

      On Monday, June 15, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



  2. Hi Liz loved your blog about Winnipeg. Now about that bear bell, I just hope you don’t have to try it out, I can just see you ringing it saying go away nasty big bear!!!!!!!!!!! NOT. I am sitting comfortable, now let the next part of the adventure cycling across Canada begin. Love you


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