Portage to Winnipeg Day 27 78km

Today was a good day miles or should I say km just fell away and heading for Winnipeg the road was flat and Straight but did notice more greener and definitely more trees. Heading for warm showers for 2 nights so I can go to Mec to get some stuff to wear more cycling shorts.

It was dull and overcast to start off with but the sun soon came out and turned into a warm day. I loaded up the address on my google maps so had a pretty good idea where I was making for.

No people on the highway to day although as I got near Winnipeg more cyclists about on the back roads enjoying a Sunday cycle.

Trees at last

Water hole by the side of the highway quite a lot of these then I saw a eagle but it flew off but just stood watching where it landed  at the other side  of the pond.

Just see him and no more at least I think it was an eagle it had some wing span

The other side of the pond

I have also notice that people here are also keen gardeners as there was lots of plants for sale and garden centres. 

On the way to Katlins house

Was at the side of the road in

I arrived at Katlins house and what a super host she has been so kind and her dog is just great. We are off to night to the Comedy club and picking up her sister on the way so that should be a good night out. I’ll keep you posted I’m staying 2 nights before heading  out again and into another Province just happens to be the biggest so concerned but happy I’ve made it thus far.

Going to explore down town Winnipeg tomorrow.


One thought on “Portage to Winnipeg Day 27 78km

  1. Hi Liz it is so good to see you making such good progress, Winnepeg will be such a landmarker for you mentally. We were at the golf club BBQ with the family on Saturday, good time was had by all. It must be good to see some greener after all the prairies. Enjoy your wee break. Love you xx


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