Carberry to Portage La Prairie Day – 26 77 km

Last night I had a meal at the cafe connected to Robins Nest Motel and sat and ate with the locals. After that went to my room and wrote my blog but to be honest was finding it hard to stay awake. So it was a early bed I’d say about 8pm I lasted to, then out like a light. Now I use that to say at about 1.30am the bedroom was  alight to a terrific thunder and lightning storm glad I wasn’t in a tent last night the wind was also blowing  it was quite pretty to stand and watch from the safety of my room. 

Today I started really well and had a SW tail wind of sorts so it was great. There was A few up and down bits of the rd which has been missing the last 2 Provinces so it was nice to get speed up again ( mind you ask me about hills in a couple weeks and I’ll be sick of them). We cyclists are a fickle lot always wanting something else.

I was going so well, that I almost thought of going the whole way to  Winnipeg and calling my host but I heard that there were to be thunder storms this afternoon. So I arrived here at 1230 and the sky’s turned black and a few rumbles  so over tea at Timmys decision made but as yet it hasn’t happened although very warm maybe tonight. On reflection after yesterday I think I made the right choice and slow things down a bit. 

Retail therapy was what was need this afternoon and to have a look around and of course there was Walmart and Canadian Tire neither have I visited  so far so thought what the heck. I was lookIng for more cycling shorts but the bike shop had none  so it will have to be the MEC.

On the way here about  30 km out of town on the other carriageway  facing the oncoming traffic I saw a male pushing a  3 wheeled buggy with all his camping gear. So as we of the road do I waved he anxiously waved back and I stopped. He ran across 3 lanes and appeared quite distressed needed something to drink so I gave him my orange juice and a harvest bar. He is Jacob from Poland who is walking across Canada. He does about 40/50 km a day but with yesterday and the heat to day seemed  quite burnt and in need of a drink. He stated he was making for town. I see when I came back he is also booked in tonight as he stated he need a roof over him to night food and to hydrate himself. I hope he’s feeling better tomorrow. I know I go through quite a lot of water and have to keep stopping at places to replenish due to the warm weather. It’s a bad move out here not having enough water. The Prairie can take its toll on the best of us.

Not many photos today. Except has Norfolk moved and am I paying my council tax to the right people.

This is Jacob from Poland walking across Canada in aid of prosethic limbs just needed a pick me up of orange juice and a harvest bar.

The geese about to walk towards the river as I went over the bridge into town

Finally solved the problem of more t bags not Yorkshire t bags but hey beggars can’t be choosers and guess what  I found in Walmart tunnocks tea cakes thought I’d died and gone to heaven and no guilt about eating them here. Saturday night in, a cup of tea and tea cake the simple pleasures in life I may even have more.

Bye peeps tomorrow off to Winnipeg and my warm showers host Katlin.


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