Regina to Wolseley  Day 22 104 km

I was up with the lark and had a good breakfast at the hostel then started to load up. We said goodbye to Carsten the German guy also biking across but going on tracks and not using the highways. We had a good laugh just sitting around chatting to him. He has some lovely photos and videos of his trip so far. He aims to be in St John by Oct.  we may meet again when he has to take Hwy 17 through the Canadian Shield but we will see.

The first 20 km I rode with Amy but knew she was going further so today we said goodbye but again may meet up on the rd again who knows but she wants to finish at the beginning of August so is pushing on. The first 20km was into a head wind which was really taking it out of me at one point down to 7kph which I might as well have walked. The traffic was also heavy. At one point I thought of stopping and sitting it out whilst having a  tea or something. 

The road then took a right turn and a NW wind whipped in ok but not perfect on I pushed. 

Won’t make it today but hope to be there by Sunday if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Is this a Canadian version of our  council tips?

A guessing game where did I have lunch?  Yes Indian Head in the dinner opposite a lovely ice cream parlour. I thought I’d  died and gone to heaven yes it’s Tuesday and both open. By then I caught up with Amy she was going for ice cream me for the main meal. After lunch I wandered across feeling quite full to see what she had only to be greeted by a couple who saw us and wanted to buy us a ice cream. What a lovely couple how could I possibly refuse it would be rude not to have one. Amy couldn’t face another so I sat down to what I thought would be a small cone but a big cup full of ice cream and a cone on the top lovely….

Needless to say I was feeling rather full when I left  Indian Head but content.

Onwards another 30 km and Wolseley came into view early finish but 104km is long enough so I went to find the motel. The Motel is just off the highway but clean and the lady running it was lovely she upgraded me to a nice room when she heard about what I was doing  even though I had asked for a cheap room. Then I needed a drink from the fridge and she stated that was her gift to me with some chilled bottled water very nice. The bed is very nice too I can’t keep my eyes open.

No wildlife as such seen today and depending on the wind tomorrow will make to Moosmin about 124 km from here. If the wind is strong will pull in at Whitewood we will see where I am tomorrow night.


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