Swift Current to Besant Camp ground day 19 143 km 

Well plans change in the blink of a hat out here. I left Swift Current on Saturday  with the full intentions of only doing 46 km to Herbert and have a leisurely day in motel and catch up with washing etc. On waking up early decided to pack up had breakfast at A&w which was ok then thought I’d beat the heat and press on. I was cycling and about 10 km out saw what I thought was another cyclist up a head I thought it might be Will from the other day so slowly I stalked and caught up. It was Amy who I’d been following her blog on CGOB. She started. In Victoria  at the beginning of May but had come down from Prince Rupert. 

We decided to ride together for the day so we were off. Herbert came and went the we hit Morse for a spot of lunch. The town is a little rundown and not a place you really wanted to linger. Amy had Besant camp ground in her sights or even Moose Jaw. It was turning in to a scorcher again but we kept taking breaks and in the afternoon knew the winds were against us to make Moose Jaw. 

Plenty of dead snakes a raccoon and other wild life on the side of the rd so had to hold your nose when you went by on the shoulder. 

 Nice cycling by water for a change

By afternoon we need to replenish our water so we dived into the gift centre at Chaplin where they do minerals salt etc and took time out in the shade

Looks like snow but it’s salt I think

On we pressed but the camp site was no place to be seen. I must admit my calf muscles were aching a bit but another bar of something helped. By this time the wind had gotten up and the sky’s to the left were black and we thought we might get hit by rain but onward for a hot shower.

We saw the sign at last pulled into Mortlach which was very pretty and twined would you believe with Duftown in Scotland. We were greeted with no there is no campsite here although they stated  we could camp opposite the cafe if we wanted but a shower was what we both needed.  Typical driver it’s only 10mins up the rd which could mean 30 mins for a cyclist. 

I was battling a side wind that was buffering blackbetty and on 140 km saw the sign at last hoorah.

Down we went to the campsite  not the best. There was the owners daughters wedding being held on site so the lady was putting us to the bottom of the site miles from the showers. Have you no where near I piped up. She must have seen how we looked or even smelt so the over spill it was for us.

Tents put up I went for a shower as I stepped out and drying myself who should walk in but the bride and sister trying to help her go to the toilet  and lift her dress up. She was like a meringue in all her get up and me bright red from sun and standing with wet hair shorts t shirt and flip flops. I was polite and wished her well and hoped the day was a good one.

We were told you will have a quiet night on the over spill!!!! Oh yeah dodge pickups reeving up and down  all bloody night followed by the trains. Did I mention the trains I could have sworn my tent was by the rail side…. It starts with him sounding the horn then a continuing thunder of all the wagons going through for about 5/10 mins this went on all night. at 4 am I was up at the toilet infested by Mosquitos. Then got back to my tent to be heralded by the dawn chorus by 6am we were both up and had enough. So early start.

Shade at Chaplin visitor centre.



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