Regina day 21 Rest Day

Well today woke up and by 8am already in the 30’s asked if they normally get this weather this time of year and the answer no normally like this in July. Locals are praying for rain. 

Washing is done,food shop done, just sitting in doors  as out there is blisteringly hot and I already have burnt my ear, yes I know but must have peeped out under my helmet. So glad in a way I’m not moving on today. My riding companion for the last 3 days will go on further tomorrow as she has to be finished by early August and is going all the way to St. John me I’m wimping  out at Halifax quite far enough I think.

Whilst here I manage to plug one to many items into the extension lead and blew the air conditioning not popular but since I’ve been out a electrical engineer called out working ok thank god need sleep tonight so we can get a early start and beat the heat.

I’ve visited the post office and sent my winter gloves and some other stuff home as not required anything to decrease the load. Black Betty is performing well but will have a go this afternoon when the sun goes down to clean the chain.

I must admit after tomorrow not looking forward to being on my own again but I’m sure I’ll manage. I’ve planned my days so they are a little shorter than I’ve been doing but sometimes there is no other way due to no towns or any thing else in between. I must confess camping is now a last resort as I don’t sleep and I need that to pedal through the next day. 

The next challenge will to be ride through a big city that being  Winnipeg which will be interesting also would like to stop at the Mec to pick up some stuff ie t shirts shorts/trousers but we will see how easy this will be as its down town.

So heading 100km tomorrow on the Hwy1 will keep you all updated.


4 thoughts on “Regina day 21 Rest Day

  1. Hi Liz I think these couple of days off will have done you the world of good. I think going through Winnpeg will be challenging but I have every faith in you. Look forward to hearing about the next part of the trip. Love you xx


  2. As we were saying at work yesterday …we admire what you are doing Liz. I’ve even got my old atlas off the bookshelf to get a sense of where you are each day. Amazing…


  3. Liz your doing really well. I agree camping is for Scouts or Guides and I did that a number of years ago. Try and find a 5 star hotel and book in xxxx


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