Besant Campsite to Regina Day 20 105km

Thank God packed up from camping last night and lack of sleep. Off again at about 07.45 and the wind looked favourable North north west gusting lets go. 

We have both booked ahead and off to stop 2 nights at the hostel in Regina for a well earned chill time. We haven’t seen Will yet but Amy will contact him when we get to Tim Hortons and see how he faired yesterday. 

We reached Moose Jaw at about 10am and took some photos guess where?

He’s big chap

I called home to check all was ok and replenished my intake by having tea and a sticky cinnamon bun lovely then off we went with the wind behind. We heard from Will he wild camped at the village we stopped at Mortlach probably got more sleep than us but we never saw him the rest of the day.

More on the way to Regina may I say flat most of the way.

Yeah trying to but have almost run out. Hope Regina is not to far as its getting very hot!!!

We finally saw the outline of Regina about 14 km out a welcome site. We had not stopped for lunch with the thought of warm shower bed no Mosquitos calling. I followed Amy’s lead into the city into a brutal head wind but we first called into a Subway and I had my first sub which was very tasty but to be honest anything would have been at this point. It looks quite a nice city and had a lovely park area where everyone was hanging out.

Finally we are here Amy looking relieved nice hostel

A finally shot of Amy hitting 3,000 km mark on her trip

I’m a novice only 1,720 km so far 


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