Maple Creek to Swift Current Day 18   Long Day in Saddle 137 Km

Well after  the rain yesterday and staying in Maple Creek  for a night under shelter.I was going to go for a early start but wasn’t prepared for how early!! I was awoken from sleep at about 4.30am by the man next door snoring and when I say snoring the walls were vibrating then he must have woken himself up and started coughing sounded like a man who smokes at least 40 fags. Anyway I dozed then got up just before 6am as the cafe next door starts breakfast then. New note to myself. Have breakfast and that’s what I did  2 large pancakes bacon and of course maple syrup it must have worked as I burst out of the hotel and off I went a women on a mission. My legs felt good and sunshine not to hot and a little wind. Back up to join the Hwy 1 I seemed to power along and was concerned  at the average speed I was  doing but knew I couldn’t keep it up. I kept snacking and  taking liquid finally it seems I know how my body works on this trip.  I stopped at Tompkins as a sign stated home made food etc but as I pulled in it had closed  down so another bar of food and pushed through to Gull Lake. There I had a nice lunch and stopped to rest before the last 56 km. 


This is how they round cattle up to walk them across Hwy 1. It was good to watch

This is Gordon the gofer and his mate Alan

Gordon just liked the limelight but they keep me amused.

Who said the Praries are flat  more hillocks as you come nearer Swift Current

By this time the wind had died down and it had become incredibly hot. I kept drinking and reapplying my sun cream about 9km out of Swift I was getting low on water but made it. The Motel is ok and run by a guy who’s sister lives in Leicester so we had a chat but I must confess to feeling hot sweaty and in need of a shower.

After booking in and a shower I nipped nearby to the seven eleven to by more pop and a ice cream as a treat and it was lovely. Tomorrow is a short day as appears only one motel between here and Moose Jaw so making for Herbert then on Sunday onto my warm showers host in Moose Jaw.the next weeks weather appears to be getting hotter I didn’t think I would need so much sunscreen. 

Still planning my route after Winnipeg just not sure which way I’ll be going various thoughts at the moment but we will see. Hopefully in Winnipeg will have a few days to chill out and maybe get some new tops and shorts we will see.


6 thoughts on “Maple Creek to Swift Current Day 18   Long Day in Saddle 137 Km

    • Hi Sandy hope retirement is keeping you busy. Love to say I was missing work but the answer would be no. Even thou I’m tired and burnt to a crisp the sun is so strong and the wind on them there prairies. Lots of dead snakes seen long May that continue


      On Sunday, June 7, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



      • Keeping busy doing my childline thing. Off to Fakenham school this morning. Quite handy as my daughter works in the Kinnerton chocolate shop there so might have to pop in to see her – like I need chocolate! Days seem to go faster since I retired cannot quite work that out. Like you I am not missing work -just the people. LOVING YOUR blog though I cringe a bit at those photos – spectacular scenery but those hills… love Sandy


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