Medicine Hat to Maple creek  eagle camping ground 88 km day 16 Welcome to Saskatchewan 

Today was good started at Dougs with a very good breakfast he insisted and seems to have done the trick. Leaving Medicine Hat is the usual tepee photo but had to be done. 


Hwy 3 now merges with Hwy 1 but so far ok nice wide shoulder and drivers giving plenty of room. About 26 km had just been Tarmac so very smooth if some what tacky on the wheels of black Betty.

I gave up counting the amount of freight being carried by the trains. Lots of prairie dogs at the side of the road making noise and darting about then I came across the next sign my god is there any animal I should not be scared of. Mind you unsure what I was to do if I saw one.

Not sure how that works

Anyway onward to the tourist info where I was told to get more water so I stopped still in Alberta and took use of wi fi free coffee and had my lunch out side talking to a lady on holiday from Montreal.

As I pulled out a fellow cyclist waved he must have thought I wasn’t going his way but I pulled in along side him when I crossed the state line and went to get a picture. It was William from Quebec returning home from Vancouver on bike he had been touring South East Asia and thought let’s see my country

When I got there he was actually dancing in the grass he was that pleased getting this far and I know how I felt

The prairies are not completely flat as there was a lot of what you would call moguls on the landscape which breaks it up a bit.  


We both pulled in  at Eaglecamping ground short of Maple Creek  but the pool and restaurant not open yet. It was clean had a nice shower but didn’t sleep that well especially as today is a long day to Swift Current. I’m now off in search of breakfast from somewhere up the rd. I’m sure William will catch me up and pass me as he is only 21 and is fast on his second hand bike. Well it was nice last night speaking to a fellow traveller. The flags are blowing in the wrong direction so could be a head wind coming up that’s all we need.


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