Maple Creek Revised plan Day 17

I was up and packed, away and on rd before 0830am. 5 km up the rd I stopped at the tourist info and got new maps and info was told the weather  showers and made plans to cycle to Gull Lake. I had a second breakfast at the cafe over the road when the heavens opened up and rain low cloud and terrible visibility on the road. I waited a bit then started I managed 5 km up the hwy1 but had to turn back as visibility was poor and the wind was blowing so I beat a retreat back down the rd this time to a motel  in Maple Creek which is 8 km off the Highway and here I sit. I’m unsure if William made any start as he was still in bed when I left and have not seen him on the road today. The rain continued till early afternoon, to late to start and I had paid the motel for the night. Tomorrow I will have to be on the road early and try to make Swift Current in one day 140 km so it’s not going to be easy day and a long one. If I need to I will pull in at Gull Lake.  The next day I plan to make to Herbert or there abouts then Sunday to Moose Jaw where I have another warm showers stop.

I’m finding the space in between places  without any services hard so it’s long days in the saddle when I’m on the road. The camping last night was good to have company but no use for sleeping as I just couldn’t get comfy. So it’s been a day of catch up and planning and see what weather tomorrow brings.


3 thoughts on “Maple Creek Revised plan Day 17

  1. Enjoy the chill out time. There’s no point battling it if you’re not enjoying it one day. You can bet that tomorrow will be better and you’ll be off like a train again x


  2. Hi just relax and take it easy today. This camping is not easy when you get to a certain age lol. You sound more upbeat today, that’s good. We are going to friends for lunch on Sunday, it is in a Marquee, hope for good weather, lately the weather has been very cold and windy. Painting garden fence, so I better go and give Iain some instructions, lol. Love youx


    • As you can see I’m motoring along now got the professional bike look tanned legs to shorts level and t shirt arms and burnt ear from sun. Rest days in Regina

      Love Liz

      On Friday, June 5, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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