Bow Island to Medicine Hat  60 km Day 15

Got up feeling better and rested after yesterday’s journey. Made myself a nice breakfast with loads of fruit in my cereal and some tea and was then set for the day. 

As I left Bow Island was overcome with the smell of mint being grown and loads of fields being irrigated. I took it nice and slowly to begin with and snacked on harvest bars and grapes just to keep my food intake up as  I’m sure this has been my down fall.  

 Another look out on prairie

The area I’m travelling through

Time to stop for lunch at none other than Seven Persons yes that’s the name of the place. It isn’t very big but I saw the sign for premier sausages and coffee that was my que to get off the Hwy

It was lovely all sausages made on the premises and lovely shop where eveyone came in and spenttimeso I treated my self to large sausage with all the trimmings and lunch was sorted then back on the rd

My pew for lunch

Further up the road the sheriff went passed going the other way then a few minutes later he was heading my way with siren and flashers going. I thought I wasn’t speeding honest.

Nice Harley went over to have a word whilst he wrote out a ticket for the guy in the pickup which is off camera. Nice chap  allowed me to take a picture I’m sure the guy getting pulled over wasn’t so happy.

At about 2 pm I pulled into Medicine Hat armed with my hosts address  so navigated my way there.

My host tonight is Doug and Bonnie but Bonnie is away at the moment. What can I say what a host  he was great settled in no problems and felt better after a shower. The food was great and Doug even took me on a tour of The Hat as they call it and. Very interesting especially advised not to go in side of road as the grasses there have. Rattle snakes  and another Type which will bite but not deadly. Doug took me shopping later on to show me what I should be eating which was helpful. They host about 50 cyclist a year they had one in the night before and a French couple coming on Thursday. 

Tomorrow due to weather coming in been advised to head out to Maple creek which is 100km away but this seems to be the common distance between places.

So Doug will pack me off with a big breakfast more than I normal eat.


4 thoughts on “Bow Island to Medicine Hat  60 km Day 15

  1. Hi, you sound in better spirits today. I love the name Medicine Hat sounds like a name of Cowboy Film that you would go to at Quins Picture House in Blair, remember it, it was a one off. Lol How far is it from Vancouver to Halifax. Keep cycling my love those legs are getting stronger everyday. Iain is going Golfing with Davie Low tomorrow and Ray and I are going out for Coffee. Love you.xx


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