Lethbridge to Bow Island 115km day 14

Yesterday was  a struggle both physically and mentally for me. My host Kim had drawn me a map of how to get out of Lethbridge and was managing with people’s help to find a route but it wasn’t easy. Just at that point Kim rode up as she had a eye appointment so took me part of the way but I must confess to not being able to keep up with a fully laiden bike. As we said farewell I was still confused how to get across the rest of the town as bikes are not permitted on section of Hwy 3. All of a sudden Kim’s voice again wrong Monday for her appointment and she works out of town so off we went again till I finally popped out at Tim Hortons. 

I know I did the miles yesterday but my body should have been taken notice of and I should have pulled in for another breakfast of as a blueberry muffin wasn’t enough but on I ploughed. I went into Coaldale as I heard bakery was nice only to find the place closed I’m striking out to buy food that sometimes isnt good for you. On I pressed till Taber where I stopped for lunch and a large Mango smoothly but as it was only 1pm thought push on. BIG mistake as time went on and a slight head wind hit me ,my legs and me were not seeing eye to eye  a snickers bar and other various snacks did nothing it was mind over matter but when you are in the middle of no where no options came to mind. So headphones on music up high and pushed on till  The Silver  Sage came into sight at about 1830hrs as I booked a room was given the keys then went to ask for the password for the Internet she kindly told me I wouldn’t get any in that room now I was about to cry I can’t go with out Internet I need to contact home I said no no the room was no use. She must have taken piyty and placed me in another part of the building and Internet. I know I’m a grown up but my only vice on this trip is my calls and contact with my family. I know people are camping etc  and no doubt looking at the next part looks like I will as motels and warm showers are not to frequent so please bare with my mood swings.

What can I say about the prairies  well it’s been hot and dry sunburn yesterday also. Lots of squeaking  from the grasses at the side of the road and loads of those little prairie dogs either running for cover or dead on the road side. Sorry not to many photos taken yesterday due my struggle

How far I have to go

Massive plant in the middle of no where

More silos

More prairies. Today I’m going 60 km to Medicine Hat to stay with a another host and to re think my  length each day in the saddle to more manageable bite sizes as clearly not working what I’m doing at this time.


3 thoughts on “Lethbridge to Bow Island 115km day 14

  1. Hi you poor thing, you must have been exhausted. I think you are probably right in thinking about the amount of miles your are doing each day. Keep thinking how amazing you are doing such a trip. Your Mum would be so proud of you. I have told all my friends about my amazing niece biking over Canada by herself, they say why, I say because it is there. I will go now and get my tea as I am going to my Craft Club tonight. Keep safe, love youxx


  2. Oh dear Liz not a good day. I am sure tomorrow will be better. Could you not just do a few kilometres or are you on a tight schedule. You have become my bedtime ‘read’ I look forward to spending a few minutes with you each evening. Take care my friend and sleep well x Sandy


    • Hi Sandy what a difference a day makes only did 60 km today and ended up in Doug and Bonnies house have showered and eaten so well it will keep me going for days. They are great hosts and shown me around Medicine Hat. Due to various weather fronts coming in I am moving on tomorrow and hope to get to Swift. current in a couple of days before 30 degrees comes in. Thanks again Liz

      On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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