Blairmore to Lethbridge  day 13. 140km

The longest I have cycled in one day so far. I started today with the intentions of 91 km to Fort Macleod. I left at about 0930am and the sun was already out. Let me tell you it isn’t exactly true the prairies are flat  as I found out a few up and down areas on the rd. At first the wind was to the side  but veered to my back and pushed me steadily onwards  in fact highest speeds record on my trip so far was idling along at 35 kph with fully loaded bike unheard off so far but today things changed. The wind was strong and at one point looked at the gauge to find 50km recorded going down hill now that was scary with only Lycra to protect you if you fall!!!

I passed Franks slide which in 1903 killed about 70 plus people in a giant mudslide. 


  Scary to think of that coming down on the miners encampment.

As I cycled onward into Alberta I could see the Rockies start to fade in the distant.


As the day went on I found I reached Fort Macleod by  1pm and felt with the wind behind me and still loads of daylight didn’t want to call it a day and sit by myself. So onwards with a new cunning plan to get in touch with my warm shower host and ask if I could arrive a day earlier than planned.

So finding my phone not working I sent a e mail to them from Tim Hortons(local coffee chain free wi fi). So I pushed on to Lethridge another 50 km away hence 140 km today in sun and breeze. Plenty water and plenty sun screen used today.

I reached Lethbridge not knowing if e mail had been received a rough address from previous e mails and a phone number my mobile would not let me dial. So having no idea what to do I did the British thing in times of stress and went to another Tim Hortons for a cuppa tea to mull my options over.

 Checked  e mails no reply tried Home but couldn’t get through  so in the end went off in search of the address. I found the street but no number. So a lovely lady was doing her gardening I stopped her to ask if she had heard of my hosts “no was reply”. As we chatted she invited me in for a drink and to use her phone what a treasure she was even asked if I would like something to eat but I declined. The lady is off to Serbia and Europe next month. She wouldnt allow me to go with  out a hug God bless her super lady.

Kim my host told me his address and here I am in the basement glad of a shower good food and company but confess to being whacked. 

I have a map drawn by my host on how to get out of here so fingers crossed as I’m told it not very bike friendly in town. Tomorrow I’m going to take it easy and see where the rd takes me and try warm showers for Tuesday night in Medicine Hat if plans go alright.

Let’s hope for kind winds and sun tomorrow.
Some more pictures of the prairies



6 thoughts on “Blairmore to Lethbridge  day 13. 140km

  1. After Medicine Hat Liz what rd are you going on as crows 3 ends along there somewhere. Are you going towards Reginia? The chap we bought the house from, is a friend of Sera and her family lives over there.

    Here’s hoping you get the wind on your back.


    • Hey Liz, keep chin up. Like all journeys there is good and bad. I’m sure you’ll come across a good bit soon. I hope things work out across the prairies. Me and Sera thinking of you . Xx


      • Hi good day today have ended in Medicine Hat with Hosts Doug and Bonnie fantastic host. Lovely food and even took me a tour of Medicine Hat fantastic. Tomorrow due to weather coming in best to push on and then in 2 days time back to scorching weather so while there might be. Drizzle better to cycle then

        On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



  2. That was some bike run in one day, well done you. The local people seem to be so kind that must keep your spirits up when things take a wee wobble like no phone etc. Your body must be getting stronger every day but don’t over do it there’s a lot of miles still to go. Did I sound like a bossy Aunty lol. Love you


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