Fernie to Blairmore Day 12 70 km welcome to Alberta

Well after 2 nights in Fernie  a well earned break was had. I stayed in the Raging Elk hostel and was lucky to manage to bag a bed in a dorm all to myself with ensuite. It was end of the skiing season and summer visitors had not yet arrived so struck lucky. The place has lots of Aussies running it and chatting to one guy appears he comes from Kalbarrie in Western Australia a place my family and I have visited in the passed. It’s a small world. I took the chance whilst there to get Black Betty checked before my next leg.  The guys  I took my bike to were brilliant I asked them to check her over so a hour later all was  done, brakes adjusted (need them) and the gears slightly out of line with all the hill climbing now working very well. This all cost  28 dollars as I was leaving I asked if there was any where I could get my bike washed no probs he set up the hose and gave me all the cleaning gear I needed all for free note this British cycle shops. Thanks to guys at Straight Line brilliant job.

The town of Fernie is a nice ski resort town with lots more going on in the summer and biking is really big here as there is at least 3 bike shops. I could have spent a fortune but if you can’t carry it on your bike it’s a no no but liked looking. So no worries Pete I’ve not bought another bike!


View from my dorm  room

Today I left Fernie to go over the Crowsnest Pass into  Alberta. The day started with low cloud and colder than it has been in the passed days so jumper was required for the first 20 km then the sun came out.

Still I kept pushing on till Sparwood where I pulled in to see the largest truck in the world. Also near the supermarket to get something for lunch.


Blackbetty looks lost. 

As I was in shopping I over heard people talking about high winds thunderstorms and hail good god I thought I’m going through the pass. !!!!  Back on the bike and off I went still in sunshine wondering if it was going to hit me. All around the clouds got darker and thunder then lightning could be seen to my left. Onward and upward I went praying it wasn’t going to come my way please….

   Just passing Crowsnest


I made it and no rain so far.

Good bye British Columbia fantastic countryside great people love to return someday


Hello Alberta

  Made it couldn’t stop smiling and no rain 

As I came into Alberta the storm clouds headed towards me and I stopped to batten down clothes and put on wet weather gear as I went through Coleman it rained but luckily few miles up the rd was the turn off for Blaimore and into view came a Tim Hortons in I popped. First  time I used them but free wifi a nice cuppa and sat there waiting for rain to stop and looked up a cheap motel no way am I tenting in this. So the Lost lemon camp site will have to for go my pleasure tonight.

What can I say about the ride so far BC has been fantastic the people great also a few thanks.

To Randy Enomoto and his wife for the kindness and breakfast shared at Jerricho hostel

For my brilliant first warm showers host  Hilary and Peter in Hope thanks for all your help and kindness and your wealth of knowledge helped so much in my first few days so big thanks and hugs

Coral Cabins and the night there with the girls fab thanks for the food and drink and above all the company

To The Davis family original from Wales but run the Lakeview Motel in Osoyoos you made my days off there home from home thanks for the insect repellent brilliant stuff and big thanks Derrick for taking me up part of the hill on a very hot day cheers.

All of you in so many ways have made my trip special so goodbye British Columbia for now, hope to return one day.

My thoughts are so far on this trip that I was not sure if I would make it at some points along the way but dug deep and with help of you guys and especially my family at the other end of face time thanks guys

Let’s see what Alberta brings. 


2 thoughts on “Fernie to Blairmore Day 12 70 km welcome to Alberta

  1. Bite size chunks Liz and you’ll get there. Hope you enjoy Alberta as much as BC. Your not doing much ging gang goodie then! Or she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes, never mind hey. All that practise in the girl guides is going to waste. All jokes aside your doing great. Love Mike and Sera xx


    • Yeah it’s a little more daunting staying in your tent by yourself so warm showers tonight in Lethbridge getting to know Canadians in there own homes and some company

      On Sunday, May 31, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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