Cranbrook to Fernie Day 11 -95 km  A day of contrasts

It started well cycling out of Cranbrook at about 9.15 am and felt good even though hadn’t had a lot to eat just cereal for breakfast. The shoulder was ok although kept  going from the nice smooth  shoulder to the lumpy stuff with lose small stones but not to bad. I seem to have found my rhythm and as I cycled was quite happy with myself. The mountains came into view from the off and it’s hard for pictures to do them justice. As I cycled along a red name made me stop and smile 


Just before Jafray the shoulder really did start to get on my nerves bumping about all over the place and unable to go on the rd due to the heavy trucks and only 2 lanes. When Jafray came into sight it was my que to stop for coffee at The First Perk coffee house and what a find lovely people and great food a Caesar wrap and coffee and a bowl of fruit salad sitting on a couch in heaven.

I knew the day was to good to be true. After lunch back onto the road and the wind started to pick up  straight into it. All you cyclist will know it’s something we hate pedaling with effort with little result on a bumpy surface. As I turned the corner I saw the hill into Elko going down hill almost stood still so going up was a struggle little did I know the fun was about to begin!!!

As I went down into Elko there really isn’t a lot happening but try as I may could get no speed up due to the wind.

At Elko it’s self it states that roadworks were to begin from there to the tunnel. Ok been through roadworks before I thought?

At the top of the hill wind blowing the roadworks came into view. No shoulder the road had been striped of surface and had ruts  all over and a 3 inch lip at the side and traffic building help!!!

To say it was scary was understating. There is also a drop on my side down to the river wind is blowing and dust everywhere. The nice traffic controller allowed me to go first but stated it does narrow 2 km down!  really!! that was the point the truck came passed and flattened one of the bollards, at this point my nerves were shattered. On I pressed to the next controller who stated just follow  behind it will not be as dusty but it’s hard to get speed when the road is churned up and the wind is in your face I had visions of the lot coming up meeting me half way down. When I got to the bottom I had to stop to compose myself it was defiantly not for the faint hearted.

On I pressed threw the tunnel and on to a better shoulder at last!!


The rest was okay coming into Fernie I have tried to capture the mountains but it is so difficult.

Coming into Fernie.

Well arrived at the youth hostel and greeted by a Aussie who tells me it’s the cheapest for a pint in the elk bar at the hostel than anywhere else in town  reassuring.I must admit tempting as it was my thoughts were for a hot shower to get the dust off me and a cup of tea!!! Old age I think. I’m sure if I was younger would have gone for the beer and to hell with anything else. I went out after my shower to look for the local shop  I stopped a girl on the corner who had a Canadian/ Scottish accent  asked where the shop was only to find she comes from Arbroath. Small world. Anyway shopping completed at the Overwaite (yes that’s the name) and back for tea. 

Here for 2 nights I’m sure it shall be entertaining have a room with 3 other beds in it none taken with ensuite cheap at the price. Signing off tired, clean and fed.


2 thoughts on “Cranbrook to Fernie Day 11 -95 km  A day of contrasts

  1. Hi Liz that sounds as if you had a very gruelling day. The mountains are quite something they make Ben Nevis look like a wee pimple. I hope the folk in next bed don’t snore? Lol. Wee rest for 2 days will recharge your batteries. So enjoying your bike run in the comfort of my armchair. Be save love you xx


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