Creston to Cranbrook Day 10 – 106 km Warm and Wet

Thanks to the owners of the Creston  Valley Motel they were very welcoming and helpful and the bed was very comfy.

Started the day with call from home to check on things and speak to my lovely hubby who I miss. After that I was on the road by 0845hrs and felt good as I pulled out of town and down into the next valley to follow the goat river for a short while 


As you can see it was sunny and nice

I pedalled on with the thought of trying to pull in tonight half way between  Creston and Cranbrook I got to Yahk quite early on in the day and felt I didn’t wish to stop at lunchtime for the day. Also I was gutted to find two scoops Steve not open I mean how often do I pass his way. 


The valley I was cycling through and  entering Rocky Mountain District

The house next door to Steve not sure what it was about

See he does exist but not open for business on a Wed bummer.

I must admit Ella was interested to see what soaps he made and see if you have competition.

I pushed on  as the weather was nice and I still felt fresh in the legs. As I got to about 50 km.  I felt a few spots of rain and saw a dark clouds looming. I stopped put away my drying washing,and actually put on my wet  weather jacket and continued. Boy  did the heavens opened and I mean open it was bouncing off the road my feet soaked shorts soaked  and water running down my helmet. There was no place to pull over to shelter as there was ditch on my side then thick forest so on I pressed.  I dreaded when the trucks went by you got a double whammy it lasted about 10km and then the sun came out.

I continued on. Thinking I would call it a day at Moyie if I could see somewhere to pull in but there really is only a small shop there. I then saw a sign for Cranbrook. 31km so decision made for a bath and roof over my head took over. As I pulled into Cranbrook to try the hotel recommended by Hilary only to discover no room at the inn gutted for the second time today but further into Cranbrook have managed to secure a room not as nice as yesterday but beggars can’t be to choosy. Tonight there has been thunder so glad I’m under roof not in a tent.

I have been On the Internet  and see there is not a lot in between here and my next stop Fernie so have taken the desision  a tough one to put a long day in tomorrow 90km plus and reach Fernie in one day and have actually booked 2 nights in the Youth Hostel there, for some rest after 2 big days so looking forward to that. Do not snigger I’m a bonifide member of the youth hostel despite my years God knows what to expect as all I could get was a mixed dorm room so I hope my  fellow  travellers  will understand having  a granny amongst them.

Finally a picture of the Rockies as I came into town.

The big boys

Well must get my sleep and see what tomorrow brings also  the clocks went forward 1 hour as I entered the mountains.


2 thoughts on “Creston to Cranbrook Day 10 – 106 km Warm and Wet

  1. How inconsiderate of Two Scoops Steve not to be open when you were coming through Liz! The scenery looks amazing and the wildlife you’ve seen is wonderful. Sounds like you could do with a days rest. Enjoy!


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