Crawford Bay to Creston Day 9 Up and Down 79 km

Well today started with calls to my family which is always good, just to give them updates etc. I had a nice night in hotel caught up with my  blogs and e mails then checked where I was cycling today. I feel I’m now in a routine  of how I pack set up and start my day. 

It was cooler today with a breeze blowing off the lake. It was definitely up and down all day with the lake always in site on my right hand side. There was some stunning properties also some very run down shacks.

I then stopped at a place called Gray Creek at the general stores there as blackbettys saddle is squeaking like  anything so thought I’d ask for oil. They had everything and so much more old wooden floors it was like stepping back in time. The old boy then got out his clip board asking me to sign the book as I was crossing Canada and needed to register and could I send a e mail when I got across so I would mentioned in the news paper great eh! 


The runway at Crawford Bay very informal dog walking then shift when aircraft arrives

Looking down Kootney Lake

Entering  Gray Creek knew I was going to get along with the folks note the population. The next sign made me chuckle

From what I was the only one about

Me by the lake with the Salmo  summit that my route manages to avoid thank you

Pit stop at Destiny Bay needed fuel and very nice to. All made  by the lovely lady at the shop come cafe.

Wildlife today was more large deer and a woodpecker and another bald eagle.

Another view of the lake as I cycled on


The glass house surprisingly made mostly of glass quite impressive

  Sanca creek . 

Booked into another motel with lovely people so helpful blackbettys has her own rug in the room and the hotel has a dog called Steven who I would like to take with me will they notice? 
The owner and his wife have his and hers bikes. Maybe I should change mode of transport. 


Pretty cool!!!

Steven outside my room

There is another cyclist here from German he is also enroute to Cranbrook he is on holiday waiting to meet his brother then tour up to Banff and higher up then cycle back to Vancouver. He comes from near Munich and seemed nice he has also come my route today. 

I’m now looking at the route to Cranbrook tomorrow but 110km is to far I’ve been told to go to a place called Yahk and speak to Two scoop Steve he runs a ice palour and keeps goats on his roof they tell me you cant miss him he  as if I could  he might be able to assist with local knowledge of where to camp or motel further up should be interesting.

I’ll sign off hope you night owls (Kate) are enjoying my meanderings. Till the next time see you all and updated you on what 2 scoops Steve has to say tomorrow if I have wifi


8 thoughts on “Crawford Bay to Creston Day 9 Up and Down 79 km

  1. You really do sound as tho you’ve found your rhythm 🙂
    Cranbrook is a great little town and if you are looking for a real treat of a motel – The Elizabeth Lake Lodge is a winner. It’s run by the daughter (and her husband) of good friends of ours – Susan and Alan DeLong. Their beds are amazing!! It’ll be on your right as you come in to town – pretty much at the entrance.
    Love the congested area sign!!


  2. I have just read your blog, it takes me back when we there when you mentioned the goat, didn’t meet 2 scoops. I still can’t believe that you are doing it, it must be great meeting up with all these different people. I think there is a book to be written when you get home. It would help the retirement fund. Lol love you xx


  3. Hi Liz , Iain is wondering what route you are taking are you going to Calgary or sticking to the Border heading to Winneapeg. He has the map on Google Earth. Love youx


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