Greenwood to Christina lake day 7 -77km

Today woke to sunshine and showers and more cooler air. Tent wet but still managed to pack it up. A delicious breakfast of pancakes and Maple syrup washed down by Yorkshire tea I’m going to run out of tea bags before long.

The weather forecast for today is sunshine and showers  and possibility of the old thunder storms so this should be interesting. Feeling tired as didn’t get the best sleep  last night  but will have to push through it.

Well the climb in the morning over Eholt Summit wasn’t to bad had a bit of rain so helped a bit stopped at the top for a snack  of hard boiled eggs and sweets what a combination but did the job. After the summit it’s down hill almost all the way to Grand Forks. It sits in the bottom of the valley and there also you can see plenty of fruit and vines in the fields. As it threatened to pour with rain I pressed on  out of Grand Forks heading to Christina Lakes. I made good time  and was there around lunchtime went to one of the camp sites  and thought about staying but no one there so I had a yoghurt ice cream and watched a bald eagle  circling and land in the tree opposite I think I got the photo hope so.

That when things went down hill I decided to push on through Christina Lake and was at the bottom of the Paulson summit  when a lovely lady called Donna  pulled up and stated there was a big storm coming in and to get to nearest camp site so she explained along from her house on the shores of lake Christine is a camp site which was where I made for.

She also stated that the weather for the next day was not promising but she had a dental appt in Nelson in the morning and if I needed a lift over the pass I was more than welcome. No second thoughts there.

I made camp and then the Rangers came and took the money at about 5 pm  and it didn’t look like any storm was coming. Campsite was Texas creek, no Wifi though. I had put up my tent wonder what I was going to cook up and 2 families from the pitch next door camp over to speak they were up from Spokane from USA  for memorial weekend so invited me to join them so friendly. BBQ of chicken and corn and bacon potatoes went down a treat that’s when the heavens opened luckily the gazebo we stood under kept us dry. I ran back to my tent and went to sleep fairly quickly but was woken by the tent going in a bit so it woke me so spent all night after that tossing and turning listening to all sorts of noises. When the washrooms opened in the morning the girls from next pitch stated they believed a bear was about as they were all awoken by the bins being knocked over either way to night I have promised myself a bed in a motel first to dry out and 2nd to get a good sleep.

Not a bad climb small in comparison 

Coming in to Grand Forks

Leaving Grand Forks had to take this one Debbie Derek  made me chuckle 

Welcome to the Kootneys

Watching the eagle from ice cream shop

Christina Lake before the storm


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