Christina Lake to Crawford Bay Day 8 176km

Well after a restless sleep at Texas Creek campsite was packed up and on my way  back down the rd to meet Donna at her house. True to her word,  she invited me in even gave me breakfast  of porridge and tea then on the rd by 9am.

The bike secured in the back of her car we headed up the pass to Paulson Summit and she was right half way up its started blowing, low cloud base then pouring with rain so all I can say was a good decision to take the lift.

Donna was lovely and passed on lots of info regards various place so thanks Donna. 

Into Nelson and I hit  town and went for a coffee in a cool place and treated myself to another breakfast of roll with scramble egg and some sort of sauce all organic and some free wifi but unable to  get through to my family at that time. After that some shopping for a little food for tonight in my hotel room then on the road again.

I crossed the bridge to Hwy 3a  to divert to miss out salmo pass which most bikers miss out. My destination is Crawford Bay on the other side of Kootney Lake. The ferry is at Balfour about 33 km away from Nelson. I had a bit of a head wind on the way to  the ferry as I hugged the lake it’s a undulating but manageable then got the ferry which is free yes Brits free 35mins across the lake. A lovely  trip with views all around and met a sweet old lady who asked what I was doing and stated she would pray for me when she asked my name. I don’t know if it was because she saw a grizzly  yesterday or felt I needed all the help I can get.

After getting off the ferry was still about  4 pm so I decided to get the the hill you have to climb over with today and not book in the nearest motel just as you come off the ferry. I think it’s was good to get that over with and am now booked into  Crawford motel which is alright now catching up on the wifi  use and getting my soup on my stove and my French baguette eaten as I do so . I have also dried my tent and packed it away.

Tomorrow will be hugging the lake down Hwy 3a to Creston.

Well must sign off as soup ready  and I am starving

Over the bridge to Hwy3a towards Balfour from Nelson

Low cloud over Christina Lake this morning when I left


Photos from the ferry trip takes about 35 mins

Climb at the end of the day into Crawford Bay


2 thoughts on “Christina Lake to Crawford Bay Day 8 176km

  1. Liz you’re doing a cracking job by the sounds of it! Very envious of the beautiful surroundings. Am loving reading your blog- it’s my reading of choice for a night-feed so keep them coming please! Keep safe! Xx


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